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Why Georgetown?

A woman without regrets

Photo by: Barbara Smith Abby is an aspiring English major.

Photo by: Barbara Smith
Abby is an aspiring English major.

This writer often wonders what causes students to choose schools like Transylvania University and Centre College over Georgetown College. All three schools are liberal arts institutions offering small class sizes and renowned faculty. Yet, for whatever reason, it seems as though prospective students disregard all that GC has to offer, acting as if our school is not comparable to schools such as those previously mentioned. In order to investigate this issue, this writer sought out freshman Abby Smith, a new face in the Georgetown community who transferred in this semester.

If you had told Abby Smith at the beginning of her college career that she would not finish her undergraduate degree at Transylvania University she would not have believed you. Abby’s sister, Collin Smith, was already a student at Georgetown, but ultimately, Abby decided to attend Transy this past fall. However, after spending her first semester at Transy, Abby reevaluated her college plans and decided to transfer to Georgetown. Although this decision was unexpected, Abby is settling in to life in Georgetown, and is thankful for all of the activities and leadership opportunities the college has to offer. She believes that the college would benefit from reaching out to students from other regions of the state. “Coming from the western portion of Kentucky, I wasn’t recruited as intentionally to come to Georgetown as I was when I applied to other colleges. I would receive emails from Transy and other colleges weekly. Although I received information from Georgetown as well, it wasn’t a school that repeatedly popped up in my inbox boasting of all they had to offer to prospective students.”

Abby went on to say that after investigating Georgetown when she began to consider transferring, she quickly learned more about all of the opportunities available at Georgetown. Abby claims that our faculty members are  extremely approachable and that our coursework is equally as challenging as what she experienced at Transy. The college might benefit from advertising our highly qualified faculty and their impressive credentials. Abby claims, “Georgetown could definitely brag on itself more and communicate better with incoming students” because the college has so much to offer.
Likewise, Abby believes the college could benefit from advertising the large number of majors and minor programs offered to students. Although both GC and Transy allow students to design their own major, according to www.georgetowncollege.edu, Georgetown offers “over 70 majors, minors and academic programs,” whereas Transylvania offers its students only “38 major programs” of study as advertised at www.transy.edu. Abby was attracted to Georgetown because of the small school atmosphere but also because of the Honors Program and Georgetown’s affiliation with Regent’s Park College of Oxford University, programs unrivaled at Transy. She spoke candidly on how GC could better advertise such opportunities. “It might be a good idea to create a table or board comparing and contrasting Georgetown with other small liberal arts colleges to show off the strong qualities that we have to offer that other institutions don’t.”

Still, there remain a few opportunities at Transy that this writer believes Georgetown could look into providing for Tigers. For instance, both Georgetown and Transy utilize Sodexo as their food provider. However, while students at Georgetown with celiac disease struggle to find gluten free food in the Cafeteria, Transy offers its students gluten free options every day. Considering the fact that GC already uses Sodexo, it should not be too difficult to opt for gluten-free meals to accommodate current and incoming students who might require such meal options. Abby went on to state that our housing facilities genuinely needed to be addressed in order to contend with other liberal arts institutions. “The rooms in Knight Hall are awesome because they’re spacious and because they offer sinks, but, even though it seems ridiculous, not having air-conditioning really does deter people from coming.”

However, it should be noted that it does appear as though Georgetown’s admissions are doing their best to showcase the GC community we all know and love. In addition to offering Tiger Preview Days to show off Georgetown’s many opportunities to prospective students, the staff is genuinely accommodating to incoming students. “The new admissions team is incredible. They were super easy to work with, and they made transferring mid-year a breeze.”

When thinking about the time she’s spent at Georgetown so far, Abby admitted that it’s difficult to portray the GC community, arguably the college’s greatest quality. She says, “Georgetown and Transy are similar in many ways, but the biggest difference is campus culture. Here (at Georgetown) everyone is friendly and there are all different types of student life activities and leadership opportunities.”

This writer agrees with Abby. If GC can determine how to showcase and sell our community to incoming students in a way that displays the genuine home Georgetown provides, then we would have no problem increasing enrollment over the years to come.

And if you don’t know, now you know, Tigas.