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Why do we deserve the sort of lives we lead?

Contributing writer

If I have any luck at all, then hopefully you’ll miss the initial claim of this article and cruise blissfully through the well crafted orations and the odd cinquain to land quietly upon a retrospective helipad of transcendent epiphany. But here we launch. I do not believe that we deserve anything.
Whoa Seabiscutt, espera cabrón, we could think of a thousand things we deserve, you know, life, liberty, all that other junk, Milwaukee’s best.

Hear me out.

I think there is an interesting phenomenon in this land of the free, this thought that due to our Bill of Rights, our awesome military might, our laws, our toys, our tech, due to all this we deserve so much. That doing what we desire is a right.

But I indeed ponder this strange false perception: from where did we receive these rights, I ask?
I’m not trying to make an argument, but simply raise the pregunta. Why? We expect things as humans, we expect that things should work to certain laws, we expect people to act in certain ways, we expect to have certain abilities and services. And when those things are absent, are lacking, are threatened, we are immediately offended, indignant and enraged. (And sometimes, hell, pissed! They’re try’n to take my guns!)

But do we have any room to be angry? What did we do to deserve these things?

I read a quote this morning that said, “The Constitution protects our rights to bear arms, it doesn’t give it to us. That is endowed to us, by our creator.”

Now, imagine a bear, whether black bear, brown bear, pledge bear, panda bear, imagine… a… bear. Now, imagine that bear berating you for making a claim with no support, no biblical evidence, no apparent connection, a claim in complete opposition to the teachings of Jesus Christ, Gandhi, Augustine, a claim that would be crushed in a real argument. Good, now that you have that wonderful wonderful image, lets expound it.

I believe we have a false sense of entitlement, of right and of what we deserve. Putting it biblically we are all sinners and without God’s inexplicable grace, DESERVE death. Everything else is a blessing, everything. Someone cleaning the bathroom in the dorm is a blessing, having food is a blessing, receiving an education is a blessing.

I believe that the acknowledgement of this has completely disappeared from our lives, and that should change.
Your pride, I’m sure, is hurt. Thats right, pendejo. To imagine that what you think you deserve is wrong is a hard concept to grasp, and I’m sure we’re probably in disagreement. And that’s fine. I myself believe that I’m very much entitled to a nice Merlot with dinner, breakfast and during class; however, I must acknowledge that I am completely blessed in every sense of the word, and with this acknowledgment have a different perspective into life.

Does this mean that things are perfect and, regardless of life’s problems, everything should be accepted? Claro que no. It does, however, mean that Life, and everything in it, is about more than just you.