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Students comment on upcoming changes in student life

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The start of the New Year has brought about many changes for the Georgetown College community. Although Dr. Crouch’s impending retirement has been known for several months, announcements concerning GC’s Student Life abounded over Christmas break to the surprise of many students. Associate Dean Angela Taylor’s decision to accept a position at the University of Louisville after Men’s Bid Day this Friday, as well as Dr. Todd Gambill’s opportunity to begin a new position at Indiana University Kokomo in March left a lot of students wondering how these changes would affect the Georgetown community.

However, it appears as though the college has taken measures to ensure that these changes occur smoothly in order to accommodate the faculty, staff and students as much as possible. When asked her opinion on the matter, Student Government President Megan Norris said, “It may seem as though everyone is leaving Georgetown because Dr. Crouch is leaving, but that is definitely not the case. Both Angela Taylor and Dr. Gambill are making great strides in their career. I think that students need to keep an open mind and voice their concerns when the new president arrives because he or she may want to implement new policies. It’s also important for students to be willing to work with the individuals hired to replace the open positions in student life.”
A presidential change will alter the face of Georgetown as we know it and  the decision to hire a new Vice President could be just as altering for the college. Still, Megan Norris’ words portray the truth that we, as Georgetown Tigers, must take ownership in what we want from the individuals who will ultimately fill these open positions. Students must be willing to cooperate with the new administration in order to ensure that the interests of the students are known.

According to an email sent out by Dr. Gambill last Thursday, Laura Wyly will serve as the interim Dean of Students for the semester after Dr. Gambill’s last day in March. Meredith Johnson, a member of GC’s Residence Life for the past three years is confident that Laura Wyly will prove an excellent choice for this position. “Because of Laura’s current positions as Director of Residence Life and Associate Dean of Students, she has worked with Dr. Gambill concerning issues with students and other problems that surfaced on campus. Though she will be busy, I believe she will fulfill the duties of Dean of Students well until a new Dean of Students is chosen by the new president.”  In addition, Mike Brown, a current area coordinator in Georgetown’s Residence Life, will transition into the “Director of Orientation and Student Accountability” in July. Mason Head, a current Resident Director, has worked with Mike for the past three years and believes Mike Brown to be a great candidate for this position. “Orientation and accountability are an interesting combination, but Mike Brown is perfect for that position. Mike has high expectations and holds people accountable to those expectations. He is simultaneously one of the most approachable persons I’ve had the privilege of working for.” According to Mason, Mike’s ability to relate to students will serve him well in his new position.

Vice President of Student Government, Meredith Scalos, encourages students to be positive during this time of change. “It’s hard when it feels like so much change is occurring, but we have to remember that change is inevitable. Change is also necessary for progress. The members of our administration realized they needed change to progress and now we, as Georgetown students, must take up this cause, too. The best thing we can do now is venture in the future with an open mind and hopeful heart. Georgetown College is a home to so many of us and we must be positive about the future in order to help her thrive.”

And if you don’t know, now you know, Tigas.