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Shenaniganery ensues at Georgetown

Part I of III in a serial short story about having fun on GC’s campus

Staff Writer

At one point or another, everyone wants an adventure. It is probably part of some innate human desire or something. But what is to become of a person if their need for adventure manifests itself during their college days and they happen to live in a small Kentucky town sometimes accused of being boring? In a series of three installments, I seek to dispel the myth that “there’s nothing to do in Georgetown on the weekends.” Adventure is, as several Georgetown students found one fateful night, right around the corner. This is the true story of how six friends on the second story of a GC dorm sought a fun evening and discovered an adventure that they would not soon forget.

It was the weekend before Reading Day and finals. With the upcoming holiday, a Christmas movie was in order, so a small group on the second story settled in for an evening of entertainment by Will Ferrell’s “Elf.” Well, actually, it was more of a night of entertainment—the movie started about 11:30 p.m. This appeased several of the students, but others were more antsy. This was the last normal weekend with school friends before a month or more of separation, after all. They had to take advantage of their time together. But what was to be done? The usual suggestions were made and discarded. No one wanted to spend money and they didn’t really want to drive anywhere. On campus and free were the main stipulations for the night’s activities. Finally, one girl—”C,” we’ll call her—suggested a round of Blue’s Clues.

For those who are unaware, Blue’s Clues is a game the students had come up with the year before in a flash of creative energy. Modeled and named after the famous television show, the game is a sort of treasure hunt utilizing clues and paw print shaped markers. When they decided to play, C would write clues on slips of paper and scatter them throughout the dorm and surrounding area, affixing a drawn paw print to each clue. Some sort of prize would be at the end. It seemed like a fitting way to conclude the night of film, (or at least no one could think of anything better to do), so the six students agreed and C set about creating puzzling clues for the others. Little did she and her friends realize the true mysteries that would unveil themselves that night.

After setting up the clues (in the refrigerator, hall, laundry room and at the top of the stairwell), C decided that it would be a nice touch to place the first clue in the pulley system. The pulley system is another invention from the year before. It is a plastic vial with a lid attached to a bit of string which hangs from the second story window. Whenever something needs to be passed from the ground to the girls’ room or vice-versa, the pulley system is lowered and raised with ease and delight to all involved. It seemed a fitting place to situate the first clue. When the other students were ready to begin, C informed them that the clue was in the pulley; it was no trick or puzzle. Yet, what they found when they raised it was; it was indeed.

One of the students went to the window and lifted up the pulley—just to find that it was missing! All that remained was the string and lid. Still unaware that anything was amiss, one of the girls, “L,” volunteered to search on the ground in the bushes in case it had fallen. Friends crowded around the window and watched L search, but she found nothing.

Perturbed, the students thought back to the past few minutes and remembered seeing three passing students staring at their window. “Maybe they took it!” they thought. Seeking justice, they tried to identify the passersby. Only one girl was known to them, the two guys were strangers. Not willing to let their night’s fun be ruined, they continued on with their game as C told them what had been written on the first clue.

After completing the task and finding the prize (an activity that took only about ten minutes total), the six students returned to the room. With great surprise, someone declared, “It’s back!” Rushing to the window, they saw, clear as day, the pulley sitting on the concrete wall outside of the dorm! It had definitely not been there when L had searched the bushes. The thieves had returned it, and the plot thickened.

Rushing downstairs to retrieve the pulley, the students confronted six card players in the lobby. Rightly suspicious, they interrogated them, asking if they knew anything about the recent events. Denying it, the card players seemed to find the Blue’s Clues detectives weird and all parted after a slightly awkward encounter. Wanting to find the culprits, the second story friends decided to set a clever trap. They placed a piece of candy in the pulley and lowered it once again. They then hid in an adjoining dorm room to watch and wait.