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Not-so-end of the world

Staff Writer

Source: dailynews.comEnd of the world festivities at Hotel Maya

Source: dailynews.com
End of the world festivities at Hotel Maya

Yet another end of the world has been avoided. Not by our design, of course. When we are faced with something that we cannot control, such as an apocalypse, we try to gain control back in any way we can. For many people, this meant doing things they normally wouldn’t do to reaffirm their vitality. I decided to ask around campus and to look online for stories of what people did the eve and the night of Dec. 21 as well as the day after.

There seemed to be an even mix of people who went crazy for the end of the world and those who really could not have cared less since the apocalypse has been predicted to come so many times in our lifetimes alone.
Danielle, senior: Well, I really wasn’t worried. I was just at home. If the world ends, it ends.

In Long Beach, Calif. at Hotel Maya (I swear), the patrons threw a party so enormous, it made its way to the national news. Pretty hard to do after the motion picture “Project X” has set a new standard for parties in general.

Los Angeles had everything from large parties to raves, as well as a large marshmallow roast in the downtown area.
Regardless of rather you brought what scientists and sociologists are calling the New Golden Age in with drugs, alcohol, religion, apathy, or excitement, Earth has not been destroyed and we’re at the start of another semester.