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How much rain is enough?

Copy Editor

What percent chance of rain should there be before I wear rain boots to class?

We all know that the weather of Georgetown seems to have a mind of its own. What starts out as a sunny, bright and cheerful day can quickly turn into a vicious, dark and rainy nightmare. For all the girls out there who are overly prepared for this wet and windy weather with rain boots and matching umbrellas, I’d wait to show off your fashion apparel until the weather calls for about a “30 percent chance that it’s already raining.” Also, it is very helpful to just carry an umbrella around with you constantly. That way if it rains, you will always be prepared. But let’s face it, when the torrential downpour starts in Georgetown, an umbrella and rain boots are not going to help you, so you might want to consider building a boat.

When my professor is late to class, how long should I wait before leaving?

If your professor is late to class and is not a doctor, you only have to wait for them for 10 minutes. However, if your professor is a doctor, you are obligated to wait 15 minutes for them. But before you decide to leave class in an exuberant mass exodus to the door, remember your options. First, check your e-mail to see if the professor has already notified you that they have cancelled class or will be late. Second, don’t be afraid to check and see if your professor is in their office and simply lost track of time preparing for the class. Remember, you’re paying an exorbitant amount of money for your classes and you should want your professor to show up instead of anxiously counting down the minutes until you can leave.

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