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Casebolt competes in Miss America

Staff Writer

Source: facebook.comJessica Casebolt represents Kentucky at Miss America Pageant

Source: facebook.com
Jessica Casebolt represents Kentucky at Miss America Pageant

On Jan. 12, Georgetown College’s Jessica Casebolt (age 19) placed in the top 16 in the 2013 Miss America Pageant. Jessica is originally from Pikeville and she became Miss Kentucky on July 14, 2012. She is studying political science and plans to become an attorney in the field of Corporate Law.

Her platform issue was Heart Health Awareness, which according to her website is an issue that is very dear to her heart. She has seen many people she knows suffer from heart health issues, including her grandmother, who passed away from heart related issues. She designed her own gown for the evening gown competition and had it made in Kentucky. During her last competition before elimination, the swim suit competition, she sported a pink snake skin bikini.

During a secret revealed section of Miss America, Jessica represented her school by wearing a Georgetown College sweatshirt and saying her favorite color was “Georgetown orange.” She went on to admit that shoes are her weakness, and she believes she brought the most suitcases (a total of eight) than any other Miss America contestant. Jessica expressed her acting ability in a video on Youtube.com where she argues in a “Court of Public Opinion” why she should be Miss Kentucky. Some of her honors include being an Oxford Honors Scholar, a Presidential Scholar and a Christian Leadership Scholar.

Although eliminated before being able to show off her vocal talent in the talent competition section of the Miss America Pageant, she participated in Washington D.C.’s Presidential Inaugural Events by singing the national anthem at the 2013 Kentucky Bluegrass Ball.