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Angela Taylor leaves for U of L

Staff Writer

Source: georgetowncollege.eduAngela Taylor leaves her position at Georgetown after six years

Source: georgetowncollege.edu
Angela Taylor leaves her position at Georgetown after six years

It seems as though the transition and change which began early last semester will continue into the new year. As announced in a Dec. 19 email sent by Dean Gambill, Angela Taylor will be leaving Georgetown in order to take a position at the University of Louisville. While many students, faculty and alumni will miss working alongside Angela, her GC family expresses their excitement at her new opportunity.

In her time here at Georgetown, Angela has fulfilled many different roles, each working to positively influence students’ college experience. She has been with the college since 2006 and was herself a member of the 2003 graduating class. Some of her most notable roles are helping to lead the Accountability Board and directing Greek Life, but those are just a few of the hats she wears on a daily basis. While serving on Accountability Board, Angela handles student infractions with both diligence and understanding. Through A-Board, Angela has been able to help enforce Georgetown’s policies keeping students safe and encouraging them to make more positive decisions with their time here. As the Greek Life Coordinator, she helps lead men and women to their homes-away-from-home, helps groups maintain GC’s standards and organizes Greek events throughout the year. It seems that much would be impossible without Angela, which means there will be some big shoes to fill next fall.

Senior Katie Phillips says she is confident that Angela will continue to grow in her new positions as Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities. In her four years at Georgetown, Phillips has grown incredibly close to Angela, and has also had the opportunity to serve as her intern. Katie said of Angela, “She has taught me so much about being a successful college student as well as preparing me for life after college. She has definitely pushed me in a positive way and helped me to grow.           She has helped me through some tough times in my life and always makes sure I see things practically as well as realistically.” But this is just one story, of what is sure to be many. Emily Eicher, who spent the past few months serving the Greek community as a Gamma Chi, candidly offers a story of Angela’s dedication to her students. This week, despite having made plans to spend time with her son Spencer, Angela spent additional time on campus to aid an organization with a recruitment issue.

Regardless of having to commute, taking on many different roles to fill and having a new baby at home, Angela remains unwaveringly dedicated to her positions and the people they affect. Todd Gambill sufficiently echoed the feeling across campus when he stated he was prepared to cheer her on. It is always hard to say goodbye to someone who has given so much to our college, but in equal part it is exhilarating to see a fellow Tiger progress in her dreams.