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“SoFA” showcases undergraduate students across Kentucky

Staff Writer

The Georgetonian / MORGAN FRALICK
“SoFA” houses two pieces by Georgetown students. The above piece was created by Stephanie Barker.

On Friday Nov. 30, Georgetown College opened the gallery doors to a new art exhibit titled “On the SoFA: State of Fine Art.” This exhibit showcases pieces made by undergraduate students from different colleges all over Kentucky. These students were specially nominated and chosen by the art faculties from numerous Kentucky post-secondary education institutions like Murray State University, Centre College, Bellarmine University, Morehead State University and many more. The exhibit even houses works of art by two of our very own Georgetown College students. Stephanie Barker and Daniel Cantu’s pieces “Wooden Seat” and “All This Talk about Growing Up,” are featured along with various types of works such as oil canvas paintings, photographs, sculptures and carpentry. The assortment of pieces is extensive and shows a complexity and range of skill and artistry.  One of the most common themes in this exhibit is pieces inspired by people and the social norms that surround us every day. But, even though the pieces have similar focal points, their perspectives are extremely abstract and vary dramatically. With perspectives like satirical messaging about humans turning into robots, and philosophical views of the human introspective towards confrontations, it’s hard not to want to feel emotionally, if not physically connected to these pieces. The allure of the exotic coloring and diverse textures, combined with the fact that each piece was made by fellow undergraduate students, instills a sense of hope and pride into the viewers. It draws out the question, “If young college students can perform such great feats, what can’t we accomplish?”

The Georgetonian / MORGAN FRALICK
The “On the SoFA: State of Fine Art” exhibit will be open until Jan. 4, Monday – Friday, 12-4:30 p.m.

Some of the pieces display an obvious outlook towards everyday objects, places or people that the artist sees. However, some works can only be described as  “thought provoking” and “extremely conversational.” In this exhibit it seems that the point isn’t about making quick judgments based on first glances, but about trying to see from the viewpoint of each artist. For me, the fact that I was able to relate to each piece and artist as a fellow student with similar struggles made it very easy to feel engaged and attracted to the different messages that each piece was trying to evoke. This particular exhibit, I feel, is extremely important for the students here at Georgetown, and I would highly recommend seeing it before leaving for Christmas break. It brings out a new understanding towards the combining of the physical world with the materialistic world. It is a very impressive exhibit that needs to be experienced by anyone willing to embrace their “inner college student.” The exhibit will be open Mondays through Fridays from 12-4:30 p.m.  starting Nov. 30 till Jan. 4 at the Anne Wright Wilson Fine Arts Gallery on campus. For more information contact Laura Stewart by email at laura_stewart@georgetowncollege.edu.

The Georgetonian / MORGAN FRALICK
Above is a piece featured in the exhibit.