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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Matt Baker & Rachael Young

Staff Writer

Source: Matt Baker
Matt (left) and Cody Dunham (right) enjoy a game of Halo.

Instantly recognizable by his 6-feet-8-inch height and luscious head of blonde hair, Matt Baker has made a home at Georgetown College after three years of commuting from his actual home. A native of Paris, Ky., Matt Baker’s home is a ten- minute ride away from campus, which has lead to an easy drive to and from campus for the majority of his time here at school. At the end of last semester, Matt decided to spend his final year living in Lula J. Collier hall and has not regretted it yet. He has met tons of new friends and found a new group of brothers in Flint Mccallum, LeRon Collier and Cody Dunham (and one old one in Austin Fraley) to spend nights hooping, playing Halo, and making music.

Matt initially came to Georgetown because it was close to home, and he needed to be able to help his parents with his younger brother and sister. While he does not regret spending those first three years at home, he has loved this year at school living on campus more than the first three. He describes it as, “Short lived, mainly because I spent the first three years off campus. However, spending my senior year on campus has been one of the best experiences of my life, due to the people I’ve met and grown to love.”

When Matt was a younger fellow, he dreamed of playing professional basketball, preferably in the National Basketball Association. He modeled his game after the great German hero Dirk Nowitzki but still holds Michael Jordan as the greatest to ever play. He played basketball in high school, as a  starter for Paris High School, but he stopped when he got to college. He still plays basketball today but in a less structured setting.

Matt also enjoys killing aliens in the Halo series of video games, playing the bass for his hometown church and with friends, singing soulful songs anywhere and everywhere and plopping down to read a good book. His favorite books are romantic comedies, fantasies  and anything else that entices the mind. The person whose music he has listened to recently has been Michael Bublé. His interest in music is vast though, from Lauryn Hill to Frank Sinatra.

Matt is a philosophy major with a minor in classics. He plans to either get his doctorate and become a philosophy professor or become a homicide investigator. Regardless, he wants to extend his education at some point in his life. Matt has been greatly influenced by Drs. Sands Wise and Ward of the philosophy department since he came at Georgetown and prays that he can be as good of a professor as they are if he takes that route.


Staff Writer

Source: Rachael Young
Rachael (right) and friend Ollie (left) visited Stonehenge while studying abroad.

Lexington native Rachael Young knew one thing for sure coming out of her high school career. She wanted a “small college experience that wasn’t too close or too far from home” and Georgetown was the perfect fit. In the spring of her freshman year, she became a member of Phi Mu. When asked why she decided to go Greek she said “I joined Phi Mu my freshman year because I wanted a home away from home with people surrounding me that I knew I could love and trust with anything.”

During her time as a Georgetown Tiger, she has served the campus in many different ways. She has been on the Freshman Leadership Team, a Directions Peer Leader, a Freshman Family Group parent for three years, a Global Ambassador for the Institute of Study Abroad, a Panhellenic Representative for Phi Mu and last but not least, she has served as both Philanthropy Chair and Ritual Chair for Phi Mu. Up until this semester she also held a job at Elite Marketing Solutions as a Sales Adviser and at the Georgetown Child Development Center as a Childcare Provider. She is one busy gal, but she certainly lives up to her favorite quote:  “The past is history. The future is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present” as she always puts everything she has into everything she does.

Rachael has made the best out of the last four years. To further her education as an Exercise Science major she even studied abroad in Stirling, Scotland, last spring which she admits has been her best experience in college. She says, “it was definitely an eye-opening experience into a new culture and new friends, but I also think that I gained a greater educational experience there than I would have here just because their Kinesiology Department was well funded.” Plus, she got to visit really neat places like Stonehenge in England.

While she cherishes the time she spent abroad, there are things at Georgetown that just can’t be beat! Out of all the professors she has encountered, her favorite has to be Dr. Kiernan right here at Georgetown. Rachael says, “She always makes it a point to say hello to me and ask me how I’m doing. I feel like I can always go to her with questions and she knows exactly what I should do.” Her favorite class that she has taken is Archery with Dan Brown, and she really enjoyed learning a fun skill.

After graduation Rachael hopes to continue her education in graduate school to become an Occupational Therapist. What she will miss the most about Georgetown are the friends she has made here. She says, “Tt’s going to be hard to say goodbye after calling Georgetown home for so long and especially after living in the Phi Mu house for 3 years.” Wherever she ends up, she definitely has what it takes to be successful.

One last note: Rachael would like to wish everyone good luck going through finals!