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Midnight Brunch continues to be a favorite break from finals stress

Come to the Caf Thursday night, Dec. 6 at midnight for a break from finals with fun and good food

Staff Writer

Source: georgetowncollege.edu/admissions/traditions
Friendly faces like Dr. Gambill and a host of faculty and staff are always excited to serve students late into the night at one of the favorite Georgetown traditions, Midnight Brunch.

Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for….Finals Brunch is finally here! For those of you who are seasoned Georgetown students, you may know it as Midnight Brunch, a.k.a. the only time of year when you have the chance to be served breakfast food in the Caf by none other than Dr. Gambill himself. It’s like Georgetown’s very own fourth-meal, with less tacos and more familiar faces in the pick-up line.

For those of you who are freshmen and have not been able to experience this Georgetown tradition, you do not want to miss out! Feel free to join others in dressing up for the occasion, and I don’t mean dresses and tuxedos. I mean crazy costumes! Grab whatever (appropriate) Halloween leftovers you have stashed in your closet and head on over to the Caf. There you will have your choice of a variety of breakfast items, usually including eggs, biscuits and gravy, bacon and many more options. The best part is that you are served by Georgetown professors and staff!

This year is especially exciting with the new addition of a pancake bar, thanks to the SGA Caf Committee! There will be plenty of pancakes and plenty of toppings to choose from.

Whether you’re wearing a costume or not, don’t miss your chance to socialize and eat some great food before we all head home for winter break. Finals Brunch will be from 10 p.m. – midnight this Thursday, Dec. 6.
If that wasn’t enough to convince you to grace the Caf with your presence, check out these quotes from your fellow peers on their favorite part of Finals Brunch:

“I love that it provides a study break for students and that I can dress up in a goofy outfit and have a fun time during a stressful finals week. I also love that our faculty and staff come out to serve us brunch. It shows how truly dedicated they are to making us feel loved and important.” -Katie Phillips, Senior

“It’s a great way to allow the student body to see all of their friends right before leaving for break. It’s just a fun time to blow off stress.” -Cailley Harris, Junior

“My favorite part is seeing the professors who have stayed late to serve the students.” -Nathan Pitzer, Sophomore

“It’s free and avoids the hassle of everyone trying to drive to Taco Bell at the same time when they all get hungry because of studying so hard.” -Brittany Whitt, Senior

“My favorite parts are the music, how everyone is happy, people are dressed goofy and it’s completely relaxing.” -Destiny Cornell, Junior

“It’s great to see the professors out of the classroom and working together in service for something that is non academic. It shows how much they care for their students.” -Wesley Folsom, Sophomore

“I enjoy Midnight Brunch because it brings everyone together. It’s a time to step away from the stress of finals and have fun with people from all over campus that you might not usually have time to hang out with.” -Kati Wilson, Junior

“I like wearing whatever I want.” -Andy Cornn, Sophomore

“My favorite part is obviously the food! I also like when students can come together and relax before finals.” -Dawn Dailey, Junior