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Interview with Flint McCallum

Staff Writer

Q: What brought you here to Georgetown College?
A: Rosemary Allen did a great job at the scholarship dinner. So legitimately she straight up stole me. (laughs) So she took me away from the schools that wanted me to play varsity ball. I hadn’t even visited.

Q: How does the JV program here work
A: It’s an opportunity to keep playing and hopefully make it to varsity. The last player I know who made it to varsity from the JV program was Bryce Jewett.

Q: What do you think your chances of making the varsity squad are?
A: I got to go up one game, so hopefully with continued success I’ll be there permanently soon.

Q: What can you work on to improve your game?
A: I need to be more confident handling the ball up and down the court. Also for sure, I need to get in better shape so that I can stay out on defense at the varsity level, especially help defense.

Q: Do you have any other hobbies outside of basketball?
A: Drums, I’ve been playing since I was two years old. It’s probably my favorite thing to do. Video games, rapping.

Q: Your best game so far as a college player?
A: Against Kentucky Christian University I had thirty points and eight rebounds and only missed two shots. I couldn’t miss. I made ten of twelve free throws. Actually I didn’t miss any shots, the two missed shots were the free throws. It felt like I was shooting into an ocean.