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Top 10 reasons to go to GC

Just a small town girl

1. The location is too legit to quit.
I mean, seriously, while Georgetown may seem like a small town, it offers the best of both worlds with it being 11 miles from downtown Lexington. Also, Georgetown College is only an hour from both Louisville and Cincinnati. Our location provides Georgetown Tigers a myriad of activities to take part in on the weekends.

2. Our faculty and staff are incomparable.
With a student to faculty ratio of 11 to 1, students at Georgetown have the unique opportunity to get to know their professors on a personal level. According to an article from “U.S. News and World Report,” Georgetown College is ranked in the top 10 institutions based on the percentage of GC graduates accepted into grad school. Our faculty members genuinely care about their students and work tirelessly to help them succeed inside and outside of the classroom. This commitment is displayed through the number of Fulbright scholars from GC each year. Last year, three students received this prestigous award. Several graduates have also been chosen to partake in other reputable programs such as Teach for America.  The faculty’s commitment to GC’s student body is what sets our institution apart from other small liberal arts colleges.  Our Provost, Dr. Allen explains that commitment. “This isn’t a 9-5 job for most of the employees on this campus—we live it 24-7, and don’t regret the choice to give up high pay so that we can be in a place that gives us personal fulfillment.”

3. We have a rich athletic history.
Our athletics remain strong today. Our football team is undefeated and ranked first in the country. The team undeniably stands a good chance of winning the NAIA National Championship this year. The men’s basketball team is currently ranked third and has the potential to go far this year. The women’s basketball team went to the final four last year and currently has a preseason ranking of six.

4. GC traditions connect us with the students of the past and the students of the future.
Georgetown offers several traditions that students enjoy. Although we may love to hate it, Songfest is a Homecoming activity unique to GC. Grubfest allows you to embrace your inner caveman, during Midnight Brunch our amazing faculty and staff members serve us as we desperately study for finals and Hanging of the Green allows us to celebrate Christmas as a community. Chapel Day and Men’s Bid Day are excitedly anticipated all year.

5. Georgetown cares about issues affecting our world.
Need proof? Last spring the college hosted the first Human Trafficking Conference ever held in Kentucky. Fair trade vendors, local and state non-profit organizations and legislators were invited to lead workshops, lectures and discussions not only for Georgetown students but for guests to the conference, as well. The Student Abolitionist Movement (SAM) provides a community for individuals interested in combatting modern day slavery. This organization has worked diligently to bring Georgetown to the front of this movement. Dr. Allen points out the hard work of other campus organizations: “We have students and faculty who are committed to community action—whether it’s through the Abolitionist Movement, or through volunteer work in the community, or through service learning projects, or through Dance Marathon or through 100 other public and private commitments that our students, faculty and staff make on a regular basis.  We are a caring community.”

6. Greek Life offers leadership opportunities as well as sisterhood and brotherhood.
For those interested in Greek life, Georgetown serves as the home to four sororities and five fraternities. Although each organization promotes different values and raises large sums of money for various philanthropic organizations, Greek Life as a whole promotes leadership opportunities and encourages students to succeed academically with last semester’s all sorority GPA of a 3.459.

7. Opportunities Abound Abroad.
If you’re interested in studying abroad, Georgetown is the place for you. GC partners with Regent’s Park College of Oxford University and sends students each semester to study at one of the most prestigious universities of all time. Georgetown offers $5,000 towards the tuition of the study abroad program. Emily Brandon, director of International Programs, helps several students each year achieve their goal of studying abroad. Popular destinations for GC students include (but are not limited to) Oxford, Prague, Florence, Chile, Hong Kong, London, Galway and Australia.

8. We have several distinctive programs.
Our Spanish Immersion Program gives students from foreign countries the opportunity to receive an education in the United States. GC’s Maskrafters is the oldest theatre troupe in Kentucky. Our Equine Scholars attract students from all over the country.  The Global Scholars Program helps students experience different cultures to become leaders in a global society.

9. Our traditional Christian heritage is also open to students of various walks of life.
Georgetown offers students the ability to get plugged in spiritually through various Bible studies and opportunities through Rooted and Campus Outreach, but none of these opportunities are mandatory. Thus, Georgetown has the capacity to appeal to Christian and non-Christian students alike.

10. Georgetown’s community is unrivaled.
For several students, Georgetown becomes their “home away from home.” Although describing our community is an abstract task, our close-knit community allows us to cultivate relationships with our peers and members of our faculty, staff and administrators. Students have the ability to find their “niche” whether it be through intramurals, campus ministries, Greek Life, band, our athletics, the Sustainability Initiative etc., Tigers have the opportunity to become instrumental in organizations that support their individual passions.
And if you don’t know, now you know, Tigas.

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    what if ima jew but still love ur school