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STAFF SPOTLIGHT: Campus Safety Director Dan Brown

Staff Writer

Officer Dan Brown stands beside one of his favorite paintings, given to him by a friend.

As students at Georgetown College, I believe we share a sense of safety. We can wander around the campus without fear. A big thanks goes to our Campus Safety officers. They work hard to ensure that we are protected. Today I had the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a lively conversation with Dan Brown, the director of campus safety. Dan constantly works to guarantee that the students aren’t only safe, but that they have the greatest experience while here on campus. He is bubbly and full of energy. Always ready for a laugh, Dan Brown can turn any frown upside down.

Q: Where are you from?
A: I am originally from Indiana. I am a Hoosiers fan, except when it comes to basketball. I am a Kentucky fan. I play three days a week with the Lunch League! I am the commissioner and I have been playing for the past twelve years. The Lunch League members are faculty and students here at Georgetown College. They called me Dando. I got the nickname because I play similar to one of my favorite UK players. The Lunch League is one of the best parts of my job.

Q: How long have you worked at Georgetown College? What is your favorite thing about your job?
A: Interacting with the students. They always have something going on that they are excited about. I love to joke around and brag. They tell me some jokes and I tell them a few. I also instruct an archery class. The students really enjoy it. I love it because it gives me an opportunity to meet and interact with the students outside of my job at campus safety. It’s a whole new experience.”

Q: What is something cool that you get to do?
A: I am basically the turtle man on campus. I have caught raccoons, snakes, birds, groundhogs and even bats. I catch them and turn them loose. I do my best not to harm any of them. No matter what I am needed for, I’ll be there. Even if it is catching a groundhog. It is my duty to help resolve the problem

Q: Funniest memory on the job?
A: We had a local male that was stealing tennis shoes, phones and money from the locker rooms.  A manger set up a camera in some dirty clothes facing the locker room door. It wasn’t long before he called saying he had something. After watching the video I called my friend Enelio Moreno. He is a big strong guy from Columbia. When the kid came back we chased him by car and then by foot. Our time playing basketball helped us keep up, but I was twenty yards behind. Enelio got close and yelled ‘lie down!’ and remarkably the boy dropped to the ground. We solved the case. It was exciting and funny. Funny things happen every day. I always try to make my day enjoyable.

Q: What’s the best meal that you’ve had on campus?
A: As long as my wife can’t read this I will tell you. I’m supposed to watch my cholesterol. I have to say that it is the hot wings they serve downstairs. They are great! The meatless Mondays are a good idea! That could be my one day without chicken wings.

Q:With the holiday season coming, what are you looking forward to?
A: Hiking with my three- year-old grandson Jackson. He is a character. He calls me pap. As a grandfather I think he has a lot of my genetics, the crazy ones that nobody understands. It’s my job to help those genetic tendencies grow. We have a lot of fun hiking.

Officer Dan also looks forward to spending time with his three German shepherds. He adopted one of them a few years ago when some girls in knight hall found the stray and took turns hiding him in their rooms. They knew he loved dogs. With his wife’s permission, Dan brought him home and named him Hunter. Ending our interview with a good laugh, Dan shared his favorite quote with me. “God make me the person my dog thinks I am.” I encourage every student to try to share a conversation with Dan. I promise that it will not be boring!