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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Jeff Chalfant & Anna Fiechter

Staff Writer

Source: Jeff Chalfant
Jeff holds hands with fiancee Anna Fiechter.

“No matter what the outcome, you always hurt after a fight, so pick your battles.” Senior Jeffrey Martin Chalfant claims this anonymous adage as his favorite quote and tries to live by its principles. Jeff seems like an easy-going guy who is “not opposed to trying new things or different ideas.” He is open to “experiencing other people’s viewpoints.” This sort of attitude must have helped him relate to people throughout his college career, for Jeff is currently the president of Phi Kappa Tau. A strong supporter of Greek life, Jeff cites Men’s Bid Day as one of his favorite memories of his time at Georgetown. He says, “I went from being just a single student on campus to being a part of another family, a brotherhood. That helped me grow a whole lot as an individual.” The fraternity has helped make Jeff’s time at GC a great experience and has been something to which he has devoted much of his time.

Jeff is also involved in the Equine Scholars Program at Georgetown. This was, in fact, one of the main draws to the school for him. Admittedly, Jeff was not originally as enamored with Georgetown as he is now. He made the decision to apply on the “last possible day for submission.” He even had to drive his application to the school because there was not time to mail it. He made his final decision because of the Equine Scholars Program and the reputation the science department has of “putting out well educated students” with “acceptance rates being extremely high for grad schools.” Jeff is a biology major who plans to continue his education to study equine podiatry (a branch of veterinary medicine focusing on the feet and hooves of horses). The Shelby County native has a background of veterinary and farrier work and does not focus on riding.

If the biology department was a motivator for Jeff’s choosing GC, it has not disappointed. One of his favorite professors during his four years here is Dr. Stevens, a man who makes “difficult material” such as human physiology and vertebrate anatomy and embryology “understandable.” Another notable course in Jeff’s college career is Dr. Carletta’s Bio 111. In this introductory class, Jeff met Anna Fiechter. The two started dating during the second semester of their freshman year. Jeff proposed on Anna’s birthday this year after successfully keeping the date a secret for weeks. Anna says she “wasn’t expecting it” at that time because he had previously made comments about “proposing on a birthday being cheesy” and not having a ring. Jeff pulled off the surprise and now the couple looks forward to their future together. Jeff feels extremely lucky to have met Anna and admits with a smile that he “never thought I’d date an environmental scientist.”


Staff Writer

Source: Anna Fiechter
Anna (left) hugs roommate Kaitlin Everidge.

Anna Katherine Fiechter is an environmental science major on the policy track. Ultimately, she would love to work as an environmental educator for some sort of non-profit organization. She considers Dr. Kopp, of the biology department, one of her favorite professors. Anna especially enjoyed his Natural Resources course and the fact that he invited the class over for a cookout. When asked about Meatless Mondays, an initiative with an environmental focus that is sponsored by GSI (Georgetown Sustainability Initiative), Anna said, “I think it’s cool because it’s not forcing people” to cut back on meat consumption, “but is broadening people’s horizons.” Speaking of the Caf, Anna’s favorite meals include Tortellini Thursdays and Boston cream pies off the dessert line.

Outside of the biology department and Caf, Anna can be found performing with the dance team. Anna has danced for sixteen years and her favorite television show is, fittingly, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Being a part of the GC dance team has been one of her favorite memories of her time here because, though she has performed for most of her life, she “never got to dance at sporting events” before college. She says, “It’s been really fun to dance in front of my friends.”
As a high schooler from London, Ky., when choosing a college, Anna originally “wanted to do my own thing,” and leaned away from Georgetown because one of her older siblings, a sister, had attended GC. After receiving the Parks Baptist Scholarship, however, she could not refuse the offer. Anna readily admits that choosing Georgetown “has turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” She is very involved on campus, especially with Greek life as she is the president of the Sigma Kappa sorority. In previous years she also served as a peer educator.

Through her busy life, Anna abides by the words of Matthew 6:34, which read, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” This verse inspires her because she describes herself as “really bad about being anxious about things.” This Scripture passage “just reminds me to not worry as often.”

Another piece of sound advice from this senior has a similar theme of going-with-the-flow. She suggests saying yes to a date “even if somebody asks you … that you thought you would never date. Just go.” Laughing good-naturedly about her fiance Jeff Chalfant, a fellow senior whom she met freshman year in Bio 111, she says, “Look what happened!” Anna’s college experience has been one of pleasant surprises, and she is a reminder of the power of the unexpected possibility. As she puts it, “I never thought I’d date a country boy!”