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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Cody Dunham & Lindsey Kathryn Atkinson

Staff Writer

Source: Cameron Nixon
Cody (left) gets a kiss from friend Matt Baker (right) in the Caf.

Cody Dunham is a proud, independent male here at Georgetown with no plans of going Greek, regardless of whether his window of opportunity for doing so is over or not. Well known for his killer crossover, his over and under, his Michael Jordan-like layup and dangerous jump-shot, Cody played on the junior varsity team for three years and didn’t move up to varsity for the same reason that Brian Scalabrine wasn’t allowed on the U.S. Olympic squad this year—it would be unfair for the opposition.

Cody moved around a bit as a youngster before finding his long–time home of Marion, Ky. He was born in Palm Springs, Calif. and his family moved to three different cities before settling. Cody was brought to Georgetown by the prospect of playing under Happy Osborne and the opportunity to play JV basketball. Since Cody has been here, he’s learned a lot in and out of the classroom about who he is and the type of person he wants to be. Chief among these facts is that he needs to be more open about what other people think and that his views may not always be right.

As a kid, Cody wanted to grow up and be the Crocodile Hunter but is looking more toward working in the field of communications now in something like advertising. It’s his major here at Georgetown as suggested to him by Dr. Nix. He enjoyed the classes and loved the professors, so he became a major.

Cody’s favorite musical artist is Billy Joel and his favorite song of all time is “New York State of Mind.” He plays guitar excellently and is self-taught. He plans on creating a band with his friends Matt Baker and Flint McCallum after graduation.
Chris Paul is Cody’s favorite basketball player of all time. Cody has modeled his game after Chris’ and thinks he’s one of the greatest PGs of all time. Cody’s most memorable game occurred last year at Lindsay Wilson when he scored 35 points and hit the go ahead three to put the game away.

Cody’s favorite animal is the Orca and his least favorite is the cow. He says, “Cows are the most useless, stupid, ugly, boring, fat, disgusting animals on the planet, and it’s only good for death and destruction. Orcas are bad***; they’re killer whales. And not only do they look cool, they kill great white sharks which means they can beat anything. And they do tricks at sea world, which is beasty. If I were Alaskan, I’d have a tattoo of one.”

Lastly, Cody had some shout outs for quite a few fantastic people: LeRon and Jamie, Flint, Matt,  Dan, Jimbo  and the lunch crew, Roberto, Ricky, D Gates if he ever sees this, Mike B and his boo bear Emily.


Staff Writer

Source: Facebook.com
LK was crowned Homecoming Queen this year.

Georgetown senior Lindsey Kathryn Atkinson is nothing if not colorful. She is known on campus for her outgoing personality and the relationships she has built over her time here. Despite being from Tennessee, Lindsey Kathryn says she always knew it would be Georgetown, even though she considered many different schools in her senior year. Some gentle prodding from her grandmother and an overnight visit allowed LK to see what was perhaps always there; Georgetown was the perfect place for her to spend the next four years. She loved the small atmosphere and knew it would provide her with a family and a home away from home, which was a necessity for her.

As LK talks about her time here, it is very clear that she has had a full experience. She has integrated herself into the Georgetown culture accepting a bid from Kappa Delta, working with both the academic enhancement office and admissions and joining the communication department. Her major alone says a lot about her personality; LK says that she is “interested in people” and that once she met Dr. Susan Dummer at Directions and heard her speak about her passions, she knew communication was what she wanted to gain her degree in.

Dr. Dummer isn’t the only relationship that has guided LK while at Georgetown. Lindsey has sought direction from some of the most influential and respected individuals on campus, and they have all brought her to this point in her academic career. She says that Dr. Chris Nix, also from the communication department, has really driven and pushed her to be and do her best. “He gives me a lot of heck,” she says, but she wouldn’t be where she is without him. Lindsey has also found a great influence in Dr. Karyn McKenzie of the psychology department. LK credits her with being engaging and highly intelligent in the classroom and states that she “strives to be more like Dr. McKenzie every day.” In addition to her professors, she has also built meaningful relationships with Faith Cracraft and Angela Taylor and sees both of them as “go to” women when she has a question or problem.

Lindsey plans to take a semester or year off before heading to graduate school and spend that time interning and getting her footing in the real world. But ultimately, she hopes to find herself back in the college setting, helping others, perhaps with an admissions team.

LK is hopeful that she will be remembered as someone who was fun, but also a caring person who built relationships. Her experiences have all been built around the pretense of making memories and friends that will outlive her time at Georgetown. Lindsey Kathryn is not the type to regret or apologize for who she is, saying with finality that “all [her] life is out there,” and that is just how she lives it.