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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Carolyn Allen & Meredith Johnson

Back Page Editor

Source: Facebook.com
Carolyn (right) hugs Sigma Kappa sister Meredith Scalos (left).

Carolyn Allen is certain to succeed in life after Georgetown. A native to Manchester, Ky., the political science and psychology double major decided to further her education at Georgetown because of her interest in several of GC’s distinctive academic programs, including Christian Leadership Scholars, Global Scholars, the Oxford Honor’s Program, and the scholarships offered through these prestigious programs.  “Also, I loved the atmosphere of campus. When I toured UK, no one noticed you or really cared that you were there, but when I came to Georgetown, everyone smiled and was friendly. I guess I was just attracted to the community Georgetown seemed to offer,” she explains.

In her spare time, you can find Carolyn watching the acclaimed series “Downton Abbey,” drinking tea  and reading. She recommends Iris Murdoch’s “A Fairly Honorable Defeat,” a novel she read in Dr. Burch’s English Novel class. In addition to being involved in the previously mentioned academic organizations, Carolyn has been actively involved in her sorority, Sigma Kappa. In the past, Carolyn served the chapter as both the Intramural and Sisterhood Chairs, and currently, Carolyn is the Vice-President of Membership.

Last semester, Carolyn studied at Regent’s Park College at Oxford University in England. After spending time at Oxford, Carolyn studied abroad in Instanbul, Turkey. “I spent seven months abroad, and during the time after my terms at Oxford and before my program began in Instanbul, I had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe. Travelling helped me become more independent,” she says. While abroad, Carolyn particularly enjoyed her time in Bruges, Belgium and Florence, Italy. She also adored Austria. “My favorite country that I visited was Austria. I loved the Sound of Music tour!” When asked about her time at Oxford, Carolyn said, “It was incredible walking in the footsteps of so many great minds that had studied there (at Oxford).”

Some of Carolyn’s most memorable experience as a GC student include the spring break mission trip to Camden, Nj and Chapel Day. “I also really loved Directions. While there I met some of the people that became my best friends including Kaitlin Everidge, Becca Short and Natalie Hymer.” When asked what advice she would offer GC students, Carolyn encouraged students to “take classes outside of your comfort zone. I didn’t think I liked English but I ended up majoring in it. “

After graduation, Carolyn hopes to pursue grad school. “I would be happy to get into UofL or UK, but my ideal school is UConn.” Carolyn is interested in international law and would like to work for the State Department or as a lawyer for a non-profit organization. With graduation quickly approaching, Carolyn’s leadership in campus activities, commitment to academics and experience abroad will ensure her success.


Staff Writer

Source: Facebook.com
Meredith is a Phi Mu and a “self-proclaimed nerd.”

On any given day, you might see Meredith Johnson in a multitude of positions on campus serving her fellow students. In her time here at Georgetown, Meredith (or MJ) has been a key player in Residence Life, Dance Marathon and Phi Mu, choosing to step up and lead in each of those organizations. While it is unclear how she is able to juggle it all, Meredith seems to do just that with passion and chutzpah. She is a biology major who admits that she’s not entirely sure what she will be doing post-grad and candidly says she is “in denial” about life because her interests are so broad. While her major reflects her interest in the sciences, she is a self-proclaimed “nerd” and also loves politics and is passionate about her Spanish minor. This is common, however, for many seniors, and MJ encourages her classmates to overcome this “denial” by asking favorite professors about career options, visiting the Calling and Career Center or making time in their schedule for shadowing opportunities.

Responsibilities stack upon responsibilities for Meredith, but she maintains balance in her life by using what she refers to as her “God-given talents.” MJ displays her athleticism through her participation in various intermural sports and exercises her love of music as a member of the Tiger Tunistas. She expresses that she is not happy when she doesn’t use those gifts, and so she ensures that she has time to do what brings her happiness. She goes on to divulge that in high school she was involved in Tae-Kwon-Do. Meredith states that even now that she is not practicing Tae-Kwon-Do, the five tenants bring a positive influence into her life at Georgetown. Courtesy, perseverance, self-control, integrity and an indomitable spirit still play an important role in her life, and she feels her time in the sport ingrained those qualities in her.

When asked about her choice to attend Georgetown, Johnson said it was a very logical and thoughtful decision. At first, she had so many options that she wasn’t sure which school was for her, but in the end GC had all the elements she valued. She was drawn to the small environment, the Christian heritage and the scholarship she received. With a lot of changes on the way, Meredith says that she hopes to see Georgetown flourish, maintaining its Christian identity and growing in its acceptance and love for others.

No matter where Meredith ends up after graduation, it is pretty clear that she is a senior who is going places. Her love of the Spanish language or for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals may lead her to a life of philanthropy, or her love of biology might have her making great scientific discoveries, or perhaps she will just keep juggling all of her interests. Only time will tell.