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“Breaking Dawn: Part 2” stuns student with breath-taking ending

Staff Writer

Source: andpop.com
“Breaking Dawn: Part 2” stars Kristen Stewart (Bella) and Robert Pattinson (Edward), who fight to protect their daughter against the Volturi.

So it seems that another world- renowned saga has finally come to an end. On Nov. 16, the thrilling book series by Stephanie Meyer came out with its final installment on the big screen. Put together a clichéd, over-used storyline about a vampire with a conscience who falls for a human, throw in a little immortal rivalry between werewolf and vampires and with a dash of an awkward forbidden love triangle,  you’ve got yourself the “Twilight Saga” a la carte. However, unlike the failing efforts of the previous four movies, this last film actually showed quirky humor, decent on-screen chemistry, introductions to some new shining, or should I say “sparkling,” cast members, the perfect amount of action and a breath-taking ending that could even rival “Inception”…well almost.

The movie follows the life and “afterlife” of Bella Swan, who obnoxiously continues to battle between her mundane life as a human and the dangerous lifestyle of the fictional creatures that she has always wanted. But hey, if I had the choice between a handsome, romantic bloodsucker and a werewolf who looked like he was chiseled out of marble, I would trade in my mortality for a pair of red slippers any day. The movie is surprisingly well filmed and has a good assortment of new faces as well as the return of our favorite heartthrobs, stone-cold vamps and overly buff canines.

What seemed to have everyone, including this very sarcastic critic, at the edge of their seats was the ending. With enough action and eye-popping moments that will have even the new James Bond fans screaming “what?!” I found moments where I was speechless, breathless and even at times brainless. That’s what happens when you watch too much TV kids! Who would have thought that what started out as an extremely low budget film (which you could definitely tell, by the way) could have transformed into such a box office hit? I guess that is what happens when a series has four different directors for each individual movie. Talk about a horse of a different color. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Hollywood has a new standard of movies, and it begins with shimmering vampires. This final movie could stand on its own without the other four movies, and can easily scale up to the Top 10 movies of the year list.

Ladies, if you haven’t already gone out and seen it, I would suggest the “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II” for your next “girl’s night out”—or even as a date night if you are one of the lucky ones who seem to have been blessed with very tolerant boyfriends. This movie is definitely a new favorite that I wish had been the first, rather than the last.