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Why I am voting for Obama (or rather, what I find important)

Staff Writer

Yes indeed, another political opinion article. Please, please try to restrain yourselves from the joyous ecstasy you osmose when bureaucracy showers you with its soggy goodness.
With the election sloshing toward us, bringing with it the sloppy mobs of lascivious and frenzied uneducated party members, we must ask ourselves one question. Where are….the binders full of women? Er, um… yeah, or perhaps an equally important question: for whom shall I vote?

I am voting for Obama and I’ll tell you why.  It is not because I want big government, it is not because I think he is an amazing guy and it is not because I think Romney is the devil. I consider myself a moderate; a favorite past time of mine is looking at the views of certain people and highlighting the biases, the blind acceptance and the ignorance (Yes….I am that elitist.) But at the same time I think cynics like myself are necessary. There are too many people (you have no idea who you are) who accept without proper questioning, who support without education, and who assign value to things they are told to value.

And this is the kicker.

I am voting for Obama because of the certain things that I find important. Healthcare for everyone is something I believe to be of the upmost importance. Yes indeed, Obamacare has many faults, but when I shift through the proverbial mierda, I find people who were not able to afford healthcare, now able.

You might say, “they don’t deserve it,” or perhaps  “they’re leaching off the system.” That is exactly where my thoughts on value come in. I don’t think you have to earn healthcare. I don’t think paying for people to stay healthy is a hefty toll. I don’t care whether people deserve it or not (Do any of us really deserve anything?) I think this plan is something of value; human life is something of value.

From that one statement I hope you can guess my opinions on other issues: war, the death penalty, guns. (Puta la wea, what a flammin’ liberal.) I do not agree with President Obama in many regards; both he and Romney have the strange idea that 5 percent economic growth every year is a) necessary and b) sustainable, neither of which I hold to be true.
However, greater support for the lower class, less military spending (I have little patience for war; talking of freedom is nice, but oil is something else) and the support of the DREAM act. These things are what I consider valuable.
Now, your arguments shall come fast and plentiful, I realize. My goal, however, is not to change your mind. Because of the things I find important I will vote for Obama.

At least I know what I find important, and I do not need to be told. Cars, white picket fences, big business, lots of money, these are what we are told is important. But why? That answer you may decide on your own. Regardless, I am voting for Obama because I believe he represents many ideas of value that cannot be ignored.

  • Kelsey.mae

    Where have you been all my life? Genius. Pure genius.