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We must rebuild democracy the Republican way


Contributing Writer


In the 2012 election, the Democratic and Republican parties will be represented by President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney. In the beginning of the campaign season, it appeared that the Democratic Party would have another winner, but in the last few months Republican nominee Mitt Romney has come out with his boxing gloves on and is ready to fight to the death against the Obama Administration. For some of you on campus, this may be the first time you are reading anything about the recent political battle, let alone having any background knowledge on the Romney/Ryan campaign. And for others, this article may just be “old hat” to you. Now, I am not claiming that students and young people are ignorant or completely misinformed about the election, but in this writers opinion the majority of voters in the United States are still undecided. This may partially be the point, for the election has been obnoxiously uninspiring.

I cannot lie, in the beginning of this election year I was using my freedom of choice to not register to vote. And until recently, I was still undecided and was planning on just writing in my dad’s name for a “write in” vote. However, these last few debates between the opposing sides have changed by perspective.

It was Romney’s “5 point plan” that began convincing me to no longer take this election so lightly. For those of you who are not aware, one of Mitt Romney’s platforms is on economic and social reform within the communities and government. Each point is a goal or step that he plans to take not only once he is elected president, but also the steps needed to transform and make the United States do a complete 180 degree turn in the next decade, regardless of his presence in office.

Points one and two focus on addressing the economical controversies that seem to plague every major conversation and thought that anyone has currently. Points three and five are all about creating positive change within the communities that can impact the social struggles between the classes. And point four is directed towards finally balancing the power within the “higher authority,” (that we all sarcastically know as the government) and finally take back control of the United States financial debt.

Wouldn’t you want to vote for a working structure that makes the U.S. completely energy independent and will open up new trade markets that will have focus solely on “American” goods and service, versus international competition? Or how about a plan that places more attention on the school systems and creating better access to higher education no matter class or location? Wouldn’t you like to see a world where small businesses can finally rise up and have a chance against the big, bad, cold corporations by having comprehensive tax reform and lower tax rates?

These persuasive diplomatic solutions are just a few great reasons as to why you should reconsider following the stereotypical norm and just voting for the puppet that already resides in the White House, but instead vote for the man who has obviously come up with a solid plan to rescue and restore this great nation. Why would we want to move “Forward” into more despair and destruction, when we could head towards a “Brighter Future?”