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Tiger Tour Guides tell it like it is

Staff Writer 

Source: GCAdmissions
Admissions’ Tiger Tour Guides recruit prospective students every day. Back row (left to right): Jasmine Strunk, Samantha Whitlock, Morgan Floyd, Zac Losey, Tevin Lloyd, Dennis Propp, Betsie Phillips, Ashleigh Barker, Catherine Foust; front row: Allie White, Ashley Booth, Sarah Parker, Becca Short, Zach White, Georgia Wartman

Chances are you’ve seen our Tiger Tour Guides around campus trailed by prospective students and their parents. However, you may not realize just how essential their roles are to this college. They are the first impression for many students who visit our campus, so it is important that they are given a great experience that will hopefully make them want to come back and, of course, apply for admission.

In years past, tours may have consisted of mainly factual or statistical conversations. In an effort to make them more personal and to really connect with our visitors, the focus has been shifted. The tour guides now share their personal stories and experiences during their time at Georgetown. They show prospective students what their favorite parts of campus are and share their favorite memories.

Lauren Towles, a Georgetown College Admissions Counselor and Events Coordinator, gets to work directly with the tour guides and had nothing but positive things to say about them.

”We just want to recognize them for their hard work and let them know how important they are,” she said, referring to them as “vital” and their “lifeline.” This shows just how indispensable their jobs as guides are.

She also hopes that we might do our part. You don’t have to be an official tour guide to make prospective students feel at home. “If you see someone in the Georgetown orange polo, feel free to give them the Georgetown welcome. Show them the Georgetown way,” said Towles. Let’s be honest. This is an “everyone-knows-everyone” type of campus. Why not give a friendly hello to passing tours? Let’s show them just how friendly our campus is.

You may have already heard about the switch from the title ‘VIP Day’ to ‘Tiger Preview Day.’ The change in name comes along with a revamping of the whole experience. The most important aspect of Tiger Preview Days is fun, and lots of it. They want visiting students to enjoy their time here. That is why they are inviting them to a football game when possible and introducing them there. They get to experience the food in the Caf, and, although it may be mundane to some current students, it is definitely a step up from many high school cafeterias! They get to meet professors, administrators and students and attend a Black/Orange Fair. Last but not least, they get to tour campus with one of our 17 dedicated guides.

Interview: one guide shares her tour experiences

Catherine Foust, a junior and elementary education major, was eager to share some answers about campus tours.

Q: How does a typical tour go?

A: I greet the potential new student in the admissions building,andthenwalk towards Giddings lawn while talking about what they are interested in studying and what brought them to Georgetown College. We walk through Knight Hall and show them what the typical room looks like, and then we walk past the art building and Asher to the LRC. I tell them about the resources available to them as students. We walk to South Campus and through the chapel and talk about traditions that Georgetown treasures. We go to the Rec and the Student Center as well. Our job is to tell them about memories we’ve made at Georgetown and help them to see that they can be a part of this college community.

Q: What is your favorite part about being a Tiger Tour Guide?

A: Meeting the future students of Georgetown and explaining to them why I love this school so much, and

showing them how much they’ll love it if they come.

Q: What is your favorite part of Georgetown that you get to share with prospective students?

A: I love walking through the chapel and talking about traditions like Songfest, Hanging of the Green and Chapel Day.

Q: Best thing a prospective student has said?

A: “Wow, thanks for the tour. I’m for sure coming to Georgetown just to be your friend.”

Q: Most interesting thing they’ve said?

A: They love to hate on other schools. #gtownpride

Q: Do the prospective students think Caf food is delicious?

A: Prospective students seem more skeptical than excited. Of course we emphasize Ms. Joe’s omelets and icing days in the Caf.

Q: Are they horrified over Knight Hall?

A: No, why would you even ask that? Knight Hall is a high class living space and everyone should feel privileged to live there.