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Students respond: President Obama vs. Governor Romney

With the 2012 Presidential election less than a month away, students were invited to watch the second Presidential debate last night as it was broadcast in the Grille. SGA hosted the event “Pizza & Politics” and offered pizza to those students who were interested in watching the debate and discussing it with their peers. Students Meredith Scalos and Joel Reihmer, sophomores, were asked whom they were voting for and why. Here is what they had to say:

Meredith Scalos: “Ultimately, my vote will go to Obama in Nov. because I believe that the President has unfairly been stalled by Congress and a global economic crisis. Therefore, I think we should give him the fair chance that we did not give him for the past four years.”




Joel Reihmer: “I disagree with the . . . Obama supporter because, in the past four years, he has tripled our debt, he hasn’t really made any change and Obamacare isn’t really doing any good to anyone. He is trying to back it on a failed plan.”