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Student apathy is evident throughout “27” movement, retirement


By the time you read this, you will probably have chosen to either like or not like the “Support the 27” Facebook page (which, as of last Tuesday night, had been taken offline). Y ou will have either chosen to use or not use the #supportthe27 hashtag on Twitter. There are also petitions going around—one online and one in paper form. And maybe—just maybe—you will have decided what you think of the movement as a whole and about President Crouch’s impending retirement.

All that is well and good, but are you really getting involved? Are you actually supporting the 27 faculty members who took a bold move on behalf of your education?

Are you supporting the faculty who continue to fight for improving your college experience, taking an equally bold move in not signing the letter?

Are you supporting Dr. Crouch as he finishes out this academic year?

Last Tuesday night, I visited the meeting led by Dr. Gambill and other College staff. A whopping total of eight students were in attendance. This is a crucial moment in your college’s history , and the floor was open for you to voice your comments and concerns, and less than one percent of our student body was there.

My friends, it’s one thing to formulate and stand behind an opinion on Facebook. It’s another to actually do the same in real life.

Too often we seem to forget what is really at stake. We’re all humans, and I think we have lost sight of that fact. Social media makes it too easy for us to hide behind a computer screen and call names or throw stones, all while keeping well within our comfort zones. We’re fighting a new kind of civil war—one whose weapons are words and actions, but whose wounds and consequences are just as grave.

Think about that the next time you want to start a revolution on Facebook. And for heaven’s sake, when you “get involved,” do more than just tweet about it.