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Standing firmly behind the 27

Staff Writer

On Thursday, Sept. 27, 27 tenured professors met with the Board of Trustees to discuss the state of the college. The exact details of the meeting are not quite known, but several student theories and leaked information gives us an abstract view of the situation. From what one can gather from discussion on campus, the general consensus is that the college must gain new leadership to prevent the slow collapse of our spectacular, long-standing educational institution. As of yesterday, President Crouch decided to step down in June 2013 after 21 years of leadership, the first step in the process of change for the college.

I firmly stand behind the process of decision-making that the 27 professors have made. Although the student population has not been very well informed on what is happening within this incident whatsoever, I believe that the group’s call for change is a well-informed choice. Since these professors are tenured, they have been teaching at this college for a while and fully comprehend the inner workings of our administration. They understand what is best for the college, and I am very sure of the faculty’s decisions. The faculty here have nearly been the sole reason of love and respect that I have for the college, and their interest in my life and education are what kept me from transferring schools after freshman year.

President Crouch did several wonderful things for the college during his long period of leadership, but there were also some aspects of his decisions that I did not agree with. I can honestly admit that I have been made very unhappy by several things, especially the transparency policy pushed onto students that is not equally enforced onto the administration. It does not seem fair or logical to only put this policy on students. I hope that in the near future, even before the President retires, this policy can be better implemented. Also, for

the last week, the campus has been very confused about the “Support the 27” phenomenon on social media sites, and this may not have happened if the administration had somehow acknowledged this and sought to give students and the concerned Georgetown community insight into why the 27 faculty met and if the college was failing in some way. I have heard plenty of rumors of the college falling into financial ruin and that we are drowning in longterm debt, but are these things true? I do believe the entire thing could have been handled much better than it was, and I hope our administration uses this experience to make some changes.

Lastly, I feel as if certain issues are never followed up on by the administration, such as the incident earlier this semester when the safe containing keys to buildings on campus was stolen from the maintenance building. Was anyone ever charged? Was the safe found? This is something that should have definitely been relayed to us as information came to light.

I firmly believe the changes that the college needs to receive will arrive with new leadership, just as the 27 faculty have realized and fought for. As students, we need to continue to support our college, support our faculty, and support each other to make our home even better than it was before. I sincerely thank Dr. Crouch for his time here as President and respect his timely decision to step down, because as we all will come to understand, with change comes progress. The process doesn’t stop here, and I hope you all will help to make a change.