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SGA to host off-campus party in Nov.


Staff Writer

Source: facebook.com
Above is pictured the current SGA Executive Cabinet.

When students think of November, events that immediately come to mind are the changing of the leaves, basketball season and Thanksgiving break. But there’s something new students can look forward to this semester: Student Government Association All-Campus Party!

SGA will host and sponsor a party off-campus on Friday, Nov. 16 at the Holiday Inn in Georgetown. The party will last from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. All Georgetown students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

When off-campus parties are thrown, they are usually affiliated with a sorority or fraternity. However, SGA would like to see all students come together, regardless of Greek or independent status, to take a break from the demands of the semester. The party has no theme, except that of fun and Tiger Pride, and is free for all who attend! Also be sure to talk to event DJ Cristian Nuñez for all your music requests.

There is a bar at the hotel. Students who are 21 years or older will be able to purchase drinks at the bar, but no outside drinks will be allowed. Identification will be checked at the door and students over drinking age will be given a wristband so that the bartenders and hotel staff will know to whom they can serve alcohol. Security guards have also been hired to make sure the party stays safe and fun. If students are respectful of the guidelines and everything goes as planned, this is likely an event that Georgetown students could enjoy more often in the future.

SGA President, Megan Norris says, “On behalf of SGA, we would hope that everyone could come enjoy themselves off campus. There aren’t many opportunities like this that occur off campus, especially which all students can attend.”

Be sure to mark your calendars for Nov. 16. Plan to come out to the Holiday Inn in Georgetown for great music, lots of fun and a chance for all Georgetown students to come together off-campus to take a break from schoolwork and celebrate the semester with about 1,300 of your closest friends!