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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Jonathan Kays & Betsie Phillips

Staff Writer 

Source: Facebook.com
Jonathan enjoys advanced tree climbing.

Armed with his charm, wit, manly good looks and well above-average intellect, Jonathan Kays is a man certainly deserving of the spotlight. I use the word ‘man’ to describe Jon because he is 100 percent man in all ways and has been so since last summer when he shed his childish ways and lived in a tent.

From Bardstown, Ky., Jonathan spent the early years of his life dreaming of chasing treasure à la Indiana Jones. When I asked Jon what animal he would most want to become, he said, “False black bear,” and though I’m not sure if it was a cleverly disguised pop culture reference or his favorite animal in earnest, he provided me with some other clear cut favorites of his. His favorite Pixar movie is “A Bug’s Life” and his favorite from DreamWorks is “The Prince of Egypt.” His favorite television show is “Survivorman,” and his favorite cereal mascot is Tony the Tiger (more for the delicious nature of Frosted Flakes than because of Georgetown). Most importantly, he prefers Kobe over Lebron.

Eventually Jonathan had to grow up and leave the relative comfort of Bardstown, so he began his search for a college he could call home. His last big adventure led him to the promised land of Georgetown College. What attracted him most was, “the cheap tuition, the wonderful dorms and the glorious leadership on campus.” Since arriving at Georgetown, Jonathan has been very active in the campus community. He has been a member of the President’s House Association since his freshman year. Other activities include being an FFG parent, a member of the Tiger band, a Spanish tutor and (especially important to him) the devotional chair for PHA.

Jonathan is a major in Spanish here at Georgetown College and is especially enthralled with their literature. He plans to move to South America when he graduates for a year to “work, teach, work on my Spanish and do some good in the world.” He spent a semester of his junior year in Chile and described it as, “Incredible; it was beyond words. It made me the man I am today.” If Jonathan could see any change in the world, it would be for people to stop wasting time.

Jonathan can often be found around campus taking part in activities too difficult for most mortals such as slack lining, advanced tree climbing and ultimate Frisbee. He also enjoys working out, playing music, reading, long walks on the… Quad and candlelit Caf dinners.

Jonathan had a couple of shout outs: one to Puff, and three more for the roommates Sizemore, Evan and Phil.

I’d certainly recommend that anyone who doesn’t know Jonathan should make an effort to say hello. He’s interesting, kind, intelligent, modest and currently single.


News Editor

Source: Facebook.com
Betsie enjoys reading and crafting in her spare time.

Betsie Phillips’ work leading students doesn’t end with her job as a Tiger Guide for Georgetown Admissions, but has been a theme throughout her college career. Friends of Betsie describe her as a “strong leader who is always there for others,” in addition to “opinionated, sassy and sweet.”

While at Georgetown, Betsie has channeled her leadership skills and warm personality into off-the-charts campus involvement. She has been a vital member of Campus Ministry (now known as Common Ground) for the majority of her college career, creating campus involvement opportunities through the ministry, like the Red Bus Project and by being a member of a depth group. In addition to working as a Tiger Guide, Betsie interns with Faith Cracraft in the Office of Academic Enhancement. She has also been involved in the Student Abolitionist Movement and as a member of the Accountability Board. Betsie confesses that one of her most beloved positions was her time as a Resident Adviser her sophomore year in Knight Hall and the opportunity to form bonds with her wonderful residents.

Betsie has also been given great opportunities in her major disciplines of religion and psychology. She has been a part of the Theology Reading Group this semester and is an excited prospective member of the new religion honor society, Theta Alpha Kappa. Betsie says that Drs. Klopfer, Singer and McKenzie have been among the most instrumental to her college career. In fact, one of Betsie’s favorite events on campus has been “Occupy Georgetown for Fair Trade” through which she was able to see the passion of her professors in action. “The faculty,” Betsie explains, “are the best part of Georgetown College.”

The senior and Frankfort native also has a couple of (mostly) unashamed obsessions, one of which is Harry Potter. Dr. Ward’s Philosophy of Harry Potter class is on the top of her list of favorite classes and she is looking forward to reading Dr. Ward’s new book, “Harry Potter and the Magic of Self-Discovery.” The second obsession that Betsie is excited to announce is with the new TLC channel series, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” On special occasions you can no doubt find Betsie in her “Keep Calm Honey Boo Boo Child” t-shirt.

In the rare opportunity for free time, Betsie loves reading, crafting and spending time at her favorite spot on campus, the picnic benches between Pawling Hall and the Chapel.

Aside from taking time off from school and eventually pursuing a career in counseling, Betsie is excitedly unsure of what the future may hold. She explains, “I don’t really know who I am outside of Georgetown.” She plans to explore in her time off from academics while she prepares for the possibility of preparing for graduate schooling or seminary. However, there is no doubt that Betsie’s sweet personality and fearless leadership skills will carry her into a bright future beyond Georgetown.