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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Abby Shelton & Justin Sizemore


Back Page Editor


Source: facebook.com

Abby Shelton is looking forward to making the most of her senior year at Georgetown. Originally from Owensboro, Ky., Abby says she chose Georgetown because of its small town feel and convenient location. “It’s close to home, but not too close. Plus, I have several family members in the area.” What’s even more interesting about Abby’s college decision is that Georgetown was not only the one school she visited, GC was also the only institution to which Abby applied.

Abby prefers dark chocolate over milk, pink lemonade over yellow and Coke over Pepsi. The religion major and education minor particularly enjoys spending time with kids and has an obsession with her dog, Ellie. Throughout her time at Georgetown, Abby has been an active member of Phi Mu where she has served as the Alumnae and Family Coordinator and the Membership Chair. Outside of Greek Life, Abby has also held leadership positions in Common Ground (formerly known as Campus Ministry). Abby served as a Freshmen Family Group parent with Evan Harrell her sophomore year, and for the past two years has been co-coordinator of Freshmen Ministries with her fiance, Justin Sizemore. Abby is also a PHA Lil’ Sis and enjoys singing as a member of the female acapella group, the Tiger Tunistas.

In her spare time, Abby enjoys baking cookies, cupcakes and any other desert. Also, Abby enjoys music of all forms and fashions. “I took piano lessons for eight years. I would like to eventually begin taking lessons again to learn how to really play.” Throughout her time at GC, Abby has held multiple children’s ministry internships. She is currently the children’s ministry intern at Midway Baptist Church.

After graduation, Abby plans to take a year off. During that time she hopes to look into attending graduate school. “Next year I’d like to do something with social work or work for a non-profit organization. Mainly, I just want to work with kids in need.” If she does attend graduate school, Abby says she is interested in obtaining either a Masters of Social Work, a Masters of Divinity or a combination of the two degrees. Abby is specifically interested in children’s ministry and working in the church is a possible career path. After marrying Justin this June, Abby hopes to one day become a mother. “Justin and I want to have four kids. We would like to have two and adopt two.” Abby and Justin rarely argue, but when they do it’s over whether or not they will have a Corgi or a Bichon Frise, like Abby’s dog, Ellie.

When asked about her most cherished memories from her time spent at Georgetown, Abby said running out of the chapel and her fall break trip to Panama City Beach with her pledge class this year. In addition, she says, “Some of my favorite memories from GC are jam sessions on the PHA bench and trips to Mission Arlington over Spring Break.” Regardless of what the future holds, Abby’s passion for children and ministry and her vibrant personality are sure to take her far.



Staff Writer


Source: Facebook.com

First things first: Sizemore had a lot of shout outs. He mentioned his two recent man crushes—Austin Fraley and Matt Baker, his PHA brothers (LGNJIP), his fiancé Abby and said, “to the one I forgot on the beach—you’re not forgotten here—Max.” Justin Wayne Sizemore is obviously a personable man with many connections on campus. His roommates are Jonathan Kays, Phillip Davis and Evan Harrell, and he gave yet another shout of recognition to his roomie from last year, Cory Moran. Sizemore is a religion major with a double minor in philosophy and psychology. After graduation, he plans to marry Abby Shelton and go to seminary. If that doesn’t work out (seminary, that is) his fallback plan is to work at Starbucks.

If not serving caffeinated beverages, Sizemore would still fit into a coffee shop as a musician. He plays guitar and leads worship at Calvary Baptist Church in Lexington. One of his two favorite GC memories involves a worship service last year. He helped play music for all campus worship during orientation. There was a really good sermon and the whole experience was “a great start to junior year.” Another favorite GC memory involves PHA—a group Sizemore has been a member of since his freshman year. The description of the event is shadowy to those who were not firsthand witnesses. Apparently, thirty minutes of “pure insanity” ensued in the house following an incident in which Aaron Padgett bit out one of his chest hairs. The house then “went into craziness.”

Speaking of craziness, when asked how he is preparing for the December 21 end of the world, Sizemore listed two things he plans on having near him: Twinkies and corgis. Extremely fond of the adorable Welsh dogs, Sizemore explains his choice in end-of-the-world companions, saying that “If I’m going out, I’m going out happy.” Two activities that also make him happy are snowball fights and throwing water balloons out of his window at people. This information makes it no surprise that Sizemore’s favorite Disney movie is “Aladdin” and that his favorite character is Abu, the mischievous monkey. His favorite Disney song, from another classic film, is “Just Can’t Wait to be King” from “The Lion King.” Moving from Disney to television, Sizemore’s favorite show is currently “How I Met Your Mother.” As a child, however, he enjoyed “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Ed, Edd, n Eddy.”

Justin loves to laugh and do crazy things, but also inspires his peers through his spiritual maturity and depth. He has served as a leader on campus through Common Ground, acting as a Freshmen Family Groups parent one year and a co-coordinator for two years. He has led worship and preached in the Rooted service. Sizemore is a multi-faceted senior who brings energy to all he does.