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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Tasha Padgett & Elizabeth Metcalfe


Staff Writer

Source: Tasha Padgett
Tasha is a biology major who loves the color green.

Despite being one of three L. Padgetts on campus, LaTasha Nicole Padgett is an individual, independent in both college life and political affiliation. Along with her roommate of four years, Jerrica Rowlett, Tasha is a native of Columbia, Ky. (Adair County). She is a PHA Lil’ Sis and was an FFG parent one year. When asked about music preferences, she says “anything acoustic is amazing to me.” Her neighbors can attest to the fact that, though she does not play herself, Tasha’s room sometimes hosts jam sessions.

Tasha’s favorite color is green. This seemingly insignificant fact is actually key to understanding this senior. Avoiding lime or hunter shades, she prefers pastel and nature variations; an admiration for nature is a consistent theme in her life. Tasha explains that she has “a particular fondness for trees, and if I were gracefully inclined to climb without falling to my death, I would probably just live in them.” Though she resides in a ground dwelling like most humans, Tasha is a biology minor, taking part in a discipline that encourages admiration of plants and other forms of wildlife. She loves both the medical and ecological aspects of the science.

Tasha’s most embarrassing moment at GC involved both a bio class and Jerrica. Her very first class freshman year was entry level biology. She and Jerrica attended a lab only to find that they were not on the roster. Unperturbed, they completed the lab only to discover later that they had gone to the wrong section. Tasha conscientiously attended the correct lab later, completing the assignment two times without acknowledging it.

In addition to that fateful lab, “Psychology and the Law” was one of her most influential courses. “I was really into law when I was younger, but then I got into psychology and that class made me realize it was ok to be passionate about both.” Professors that have especially helped her along the way are Dr. Kopp, Dr. Hall and Dr. Lookadoo. Tasha hopes to try a variety of occupations, not wanting to do the same thing for her entire life. Immediate post-graduation options include pursing grad school, working in the field or doing mission work. She considers traveling a priority and wants to see the world “as much as possible until I have to be a big kid and settle down.” If she could go anywhere tomorrow, she would choose either Australia or Alaska. Though they are very different, they “both have a lot of bio diversity,” the bio minor laughs. Ultimately, the possibilities are endless and Tasha’s mind is open to the future after GC. Oh, and a quick shout out to those who would go to see the aurora borealis and join her in the struggle spaceship.



Back Page Editor

Source: Facebook.com
Elizabeth visited the John Lennon Wall while in Prague.

Elizabeth Metcalfe’s eclectic interests and upbeat personality have served her well during her time at Georgetown College. GC students may remember Elizabeth as the animated “Thing One” from Songfest this year. A native to Georgetown, Ky., Elizabeth decided to further her education at GC because “growing up in Georgetown I’ve always known a lot of people connected to the college. Both of my parents were graduates of Georgetown, and they really encouraged me to look into coming here.” Georgetown also offered Elizabeth the best financial package. Although she looked into other schools before deciding on GC, Elizabeth says, “Now that I’m here I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.”

Throughout her time at Georgetown, Elizabeth has busied herself with a plethora of campus activities. As a member of the Sigma Kappa sorority, she currently serves as the vice president of Communication. As a psychology and art history double major, Elizabeth is heavily involved in both departments. She is the President of Psi Chi, the psychology honor society and a member of Kappa Pi, the art honor society. Likewise, she stays busy with a heavy workload. Alongside a heavy class-load, Elizabeth also holds several campus jobs including working for the art department, campus safety and peer tutoring. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys eating chocolate chip cookies, going to concerts, laughing with friends, writing and photography. Elizabeth is also very musical. She enjoys playing the piano, singing and is currently taking organ lessons.

Elizabeth’s most cherished memories as a GC student stem from her travel opportunities. “Before college I had never even been on a plane but through involvement in various organizations I’ve travelled all over the United States and even studied abroad,” she said. Also, Elizabeth spent the fall semester of her junior year studying abroad in Florence, Italy. When asked about her time in Italy, she says, “It was wonderful. I liked being able to hear a different language every time I walked down the street. I loved being surrounded by beautiful architecture, having the opportunity to see famous works of art and walking around piazzas eating gelato.”

Although Elizabeth wanted to be a writer as a child, her career goals have now changed. After graduating from Georgetown in May, Elizabeth hopes to attend grad school in a large city. “I think I would enjoy teaching at the university level eventually, but I would also like to work at an art museum in some capacity ,” she said. Elizabeth is unsure of what the future will hold but is excited all the same. “I hope to have a stable job and live in a big city with a dog named Pencil.”

When asked to bestow knowledge upon her fellow GC students, Elizabeth said, “Take advantage of Tortellini Thursdays, don’t wait until senior year to take Lifetime Fitness and become Facebook friends with Doc Birdwhistell, but only if you are friends in real life.” Regardless of what the future entails, Elizabeth’s various talents and experiences at Georgetown will ensure her success.