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Students must act on their passions


Contributing Writer

SEX… wonderful, now that you’re reading…This writer, while joyfully prancing in the blissful stupor of Kant’s “The Critique of Pure Reason,” and surreptitiously galumphing through the haunts of Pawling, came upon quite the epiphany.

Our actions reflect our passions.

Struck by this monumentous fluffy kitten of a thought, I staggered about the hallway, tripping over the enormous repercussions of this newly-found wrinkle in my world. What would happen if the people I knew… had passion?? Now, I know what you’re thinking, cabrón, you arrogant piece of mierda, you are so darn condescending. (Yes, that may indeed be your initial reaction, and in some ways, yes, I am incredibly pretentious). But hark! Hear my voice as it sayeth this unceremonious  solicitation for social stirring and stimulation.

I postulate, yes…oh yes, that we, this writer included, posess an incredible amount of information, knowledge and understanding (cough, cough) of the world. However, those which do not merely require a designated quantity of information and hard work, things that require passion and action, those things are not reflected in our day to day activities. Now, mira pendejo, (you might tell me with fuego) I play sports, I’m involved with SAM, Im the social chair with my sorority, I ride horses on the weekend. I drink beer, I am REALLY passionate about beer, and I’m in a relationship with Sierra Nevada IPA on Facebook dagnabit. I understand, many of us do indeed have passion and interests,  and  many of us act upon our interests, we are all very involved.

But I am not speaking of involvement.

My resume has been moaning and whining at me for a while now to be more involved, (I’ve had to threaten it a couple times with spelling errors and listing “juggling” in my skills section), and indeed, the wonderful thing about Georgetown is the massive amount of involvement we have, but involvement does not constitute passion; having passion without action is dead,(sound familiar?). They go hand in hand. They’re like Barack and Michelle, Simon and Garfunkle, The Doctor and the Tardis, Harry and Ginny, President Crouch and… letting go qualified people who happen to disagree with him. They are intrinsically connected. But no.

We are too busy.

We are complacent.

We waste time.

Our passions have given way to our obligations. Mahatma Ghandi said “action expresses priorities,” but can we admit to living that way?

“Now listen, clearly pretentious but oddly tantalizing and I’m sure very attractive opinion writer”(you are probably saying this very moment.)“I live out my passions… I’m learning to be able to live my passions… I’m not sure what my passions  are… I’m in school to learn passion theory…I have three cases of beer in my room, I dont care…I’m using this paper as a hat…” I hear all your protests…

Here’s why I’m telling you all this…

If everyone on this campus lived out their rooted passions as much as they could daily…our world, our school, our lives, would be better from it.

If those who had a passion for nature lived that out, gardens would appear, people would constantly be up in trees, rolling in grass would be common place. If people had a passion for soccer, they would be playing in the quad, getting others to play with them, cheering, running. If someone was passionate about the school, programs would spring up, people would be lining up to be a part of this place. If people had a passion for others, no one would be lonely…

I know we’re busy, I know there are things to do. But I implore you, figure out what you’re passionate about, and then do it. If you already do, awesome. If not, figure it out.