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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Lauren Kohake & Cameron Nixon

Back Page Editor

Source: Lauren Kohake
Lauren has a brother and a sister. They are twins named Joe and Abby.

Lauren Kohake has certainly made the most of her time at Georgetown. Originally from Florence, Ky., the music performance with an emphasis in flute major says she honestly can’t remember why she chose Georgetown. “I wanted to play golf, major in music and get an education. Georgetown offered me all of these things.”

Lauren has stayed busy through taking part in a myriad of extracurricular activities since her freshman year. Throughout her collegiate career, she has participated in the Pep Band, Orchestra and the Phi Kappa Tau Sweethearts.

Lauren is currently serving as a Freshmen Family Group parent and is happily married to sophomore Zach White. This semester has kept Lauren busy playing Varsity Golf. When asked about her experience on the golf team, she says, “I’ve matured a lot as a player since I’ve been here… It’s been a journey . I’ve learned a lot about myself. My team and my coach have been very supportive through everything.” Lauren has also been an essential part of the leadership of Delta Omicron, a music fraternity that reactivated on campus last spring. Lauren is currently serving as first vice-president for the organization.

Several of Lauren’s favorite memories were made through her experiences in these organizations. Golf trips have always been a great experience for her, enjoying her time away from campus and opportunities for team bonding. Also, she specifically looks back fondly on a particular football game while playing piccolo for the Tiger Pep Band. “Dr. LaRue made the band lay on the sidelines of the field while playing,” she says while laughing.

When asked if she has any advice for Georgetown students, she says, “Get involved. Georgetown offers a lot of great opportunities.” She encourages students to make the most of their four years here by becoming a part of the many clubs and organizations on campus. As Lauren says, “It’s all a part of the Georgetown experience.” In addition to all of her extra-curricular activities, Lauren enjoys singing and playing guitar. This summer she had the opportunity to partake in a music ministry internship at Georgetown Baptist. Lauren hopes to make her passion for music a reality after graduation. While her plans are not set in stone, all revolve around music. Lauren is interested in pursuing graduate school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tenn., to study flute performance. She is also considering seminary to study church music, or she may try to go straight into music ministry after finishing her degree at GC.

Lauren has certainly made the most of her “Georgetown experience.” Her leadership will help her as she begins a new chapter in her life.


Staff Writer

Source: Facebook.com
Cameron saves cats and fights dorm fires.

Cameron Nixon, a man of fine tastes, regal bearing and impacting ideology, is a prime example of the class of 2013— you might even say he’s optimal. A native of Colerain, Cincinnati, Cameron studies the fine arts of history and philosophy, and while he doesn’t wish to succumb to the common trade associated with these majors by being a teacher, he does wish to better himself and perhaps the world through a thorough and thoughtfully theatrical thaumaturgy.

As the RD of Rucker and past RA, Cameron has been actively involved in the world of student life, and in this has quickly risen to become a leader amongst the students involved. Right after I interviewed Cameron for this spotlight he rushed away to solve several civil disputes, fight two dorm fires, save a cat from a tree and personally dominate the face of a rather belligerent campus squirrel (with tender love). If you’ve seen Cam on campus, more than likely you have seen him in the Rec playing basketball, of which he adores every form: playing and watching both college and NBA. Nixon takes basketball to the hoop and the heart. He also is known far and wide for his love of writing, reading well–written fiction, females and the occasional cartoon. As we discussed the Appalachian Mountains (land of flying bisons), I discovered that Cameron did not just love cartoons for the entertainment, but rather that he truly dove into the social, spiritual and philosophical ideas presented in these pieces of animated fiction. Cam truly is a man of introspection and cognitive theorization. He also loves cake.

When asked, Cameron recounted his favorite memory at Georgetown College, one which many of you may recognize or have even been a part of. After a rather ample blanket of snow thudded to the ground one February evening, a series of events grew into one of the largest snowball fights ever experienced on south campus: Pikes, Collierites, PHA’s, the Pierced, the Flowered, the Pink Ladies and many others all flocked to the Quad to duke it out with the layer of fresh powder. Cam says that he will remember that time forever. Everyone on campus outside, happy, moving and smiling. Cameron’s advice to fellow students is just that.

“Be active. Smile, go to a sporting event. We’ve got good teams; support them. Be involved; be active. Chill, but not too much; a little stress and excitement is a good thing. Also, connect with the professors; build relationships with them. They’re awesome; get to know them.”

Cameron also wanted to throw a shout–out to his three friends LeRon, Cody and Mason, saying, “I love you guys; you’re my best friends on campus and you’ve all truly brightened my life.”

So whether it’s getting Archie’s omelets, hanging with Bond space suit or being the most knowledgable person of superheroes on all of campus, Cameron is a true Georgetown student, who through everything, brings a light to wherever he is.