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SENIOR SPOTLIGHTS: Eddie White & Cheryl Brumley


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Eddie practices his archery skills.

As a child, Jesse Edward White II aspired to be a paleontologist or archeologist. Inspired by the cinematic classics “Jurassic Park” and “Indiana Jones,” he dreamed of discovering the next great dinosaur. His love of history has carried over into his academic career; the young adventurer grew into a history major and classics minor. Eddie still hopes to travel the world and meet foreign people of various cultures. His favorite non-American food is…pizza. It is Italian, after all. Closer to home, his favorite Caf item is four chocolate chip cookies with chocolate icing. It is a common sight to see the man sitting at the PHA table enjoying a plate of the delicious baked goods.

Mr. White has lived in the PHA house since spring of 2011. He is, however, a proud independent with no regrets and two thumbs up. He has had a variety of roommates throughout the years, including Eric McConkey, Chris Martin, Daniel Henson and Max Tsang.

Edwardo is master of the flying disc, playing Ultimate Frisbee whenever the chance arises, and has participated in several tournaments on campus. He is also a musical inspiration, playing the tenor sax in the Fighting Tiger Grrr Pep Band and base clarinet in concert band. Other areas of involvement on campus include the Dance Marathon executive board on which he has served for two years and is currently the co-overall director. He will make sure GC dances for the kids! Speaking of kids, Edmund has at least twelve FFG children and multiple grandchildren.

Though one of Ed’s favorite classes was Dr. Wargelin’s Military History, he is a pacifist at heart. That does not hinder him from enjoying many a video game and both the TV show and book series “Kingdom of Thrones.” This ironic man from Bardstown has never been hunting, but knows how to shoot a gun and enjoys bacon as his favorite type of meat.

If he had the choice of saving the rainforest or the ocean from environmental disaster, Eddison would save the rainforest because it provides so much oxygen for sustaining life. That is not to say he does not enjoy water, though, and if he had to choose a favorite marine animal it would be the narwhal because it has a horn on its face instead of a nose and is a mammal. He does not have a favorite color, does not believe in extraterrestrial life (unless he sees it—then he will believe) and if given the choice, would rather sneeze marbles than sweat cheese.

A thoughtful man, Eddard took his time  choosing a quote to share. He finally passed on this gem, “forty-two.” That’s Eddie for you. A man of few words but thoughtful insights, he is a good friend and a smiling face.



Staff Writer


The Georgetonian/ LAUREN CASADA

Cheryl and brother Robert rehearse together.

Among those scheduled to graduate this spring is senior Cheryl Brumley. During her years spent here at Georgetown, Cheryl has been a leader in everything she has been involved in. Cheryl is known on campus as a hard worker and as someone who refuses to give up, especially involving activities she is passionate about. Her Georgetown resume includes a constant dedication to Maskrafters, membership in Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Tau Alpha, Order of Omega, choreographing for the Lyric Theatre Society and being an officer in Alpha Gamma Delta Sorority.

Most recently, Cheryl has worked as an assistant director on the film “unDeserved,” which was produced here on campus. Cheryl also starred in “Crimes of the Heart” this past fall semester, among her many other roles in campus productions. She has always been  valuable to the theatre and film department, contributing as an assistant director, stage manager, crew member, performer and all-around role model for those looking to find their path here at Georgetown.

“I don’t know how someone can’t see her as a role model. She puts her all into everything she does, even if it comes at the expense of sleep. She has such a big heart and loves nature. I aspire to be as cool and motivated as she is one day,” said junior Shelby Riddell.

“Living,” Cheryl joked when asked about her plans after graduating from Georgetown this spring. She went on to say she would “hopefully be going to grad school and getting an MFA in directing, then going on to direct in theatre. I would also like to move back to Louisville and work in art programs for kids in middle-class families.”

“Cheryl is inspiring to me because she is so involved on campus and still manages to go to class and maintain her high GPA. She is always a positive face on campus and I think people who aren’t great at time management could learn a lot from her,” said sophomore Teresa Curtis.

When asked about her feelings towards her looming graduation, Cheryl said she has “mixed feelings because I don’t want college to end, but I do because I’ve been doing the same thing for four years. It’s monotonous. But I like college and it’s freaky to think that in less than a year, everything I’ve done over the past 16 years in school is going to change forever. When you say you’re going home, you mean your apartment, not your family’s house. But it’s exciting and new and nice to think that you won’t have to do the same thing every day of your life.”

Cheryl’s ability to multi-task and excel at everything she does never ceases to amaze those around her. She has maintained a 3.5 GPA, despite all of her extracurricular activities. “Cheryl is one of the strongest leaders I know. She’s the best kind of leader because she can turn something stressful into something fun,” said senior Nicole Armes.

“My advice to anyone when it comes to college would be to follow your heart and dream big. People come in set on what they want, but you should try to be open and not be afraid of changing your mind,” said Cheryl.