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Homecoming weekend in review

Features Editor

Source: GC News Bureau
Above stands Evan Harrell (left) and Lindsey Kathryn Atkinson, senior king and queen, along with President and Mrs. Crouch and the other Homecoming court winners.

Homecoming week is over, bringing a mix of relief, memories and a dusting of glitter all over campus. Life really was a circus for anyone involved in Songfest, and the countless hours of set-building, costume-making and rehearsing brought a great show to GC.

Songfest chairs Crystal Jackson and Peyton Blanton hosted Songfest this year, and both were relieved that everything went smoothly. “I think Songfest went better than I could have ever expected!” Blanton said. “It was a lot of fun hosting and it was great seeing all the students of Georgetown come together. It was amazing to me the amount of talent Georgetown has. I feel so lucky to be attending such a diverse school.”

Although the Thursday night crowd was smaller than previous years (blame it on the tough economy), it still turned out to be a responsive audience. The acts were cleaner than ever, with every organization getting invited back for Friday night’s performance. The awards were:

Overall Male: Lambda Chi Alpha

Overall Female: Kappa Delta

Most Original: Phi Kappa Tau

Most Comical: Pi Kappa Alpha

Tiger’s Choice: Lambda Chi Alpha

Best Choreography: Kappa Delta

Most Georgetown Spirit: Sigma Kappa

Best Bench: Phi Mu

Sophomore Zach White was responsible for the Lambs’ choice of music and choreography, helping them win a title. The key moment of their performance was the finale featuring “Gangnam Style.” “A friend showed me the Gangnam Style YouTube video a while back, and I just fell in love with it,” White explained. “I went around the Lamb house showing all the guys, and all the reactions were the same. Everyone loved it. I knew the randomness of it would be perfect.” The audience and judges loved it as well.  “It was such a great song to end on, and I could not be more proud of all my brothers. They really came together!” said White about their win.

Kappa Delta won two awards; choreography and overall female. Hailey Goen starred as “Georgette,” an adorable female version of Curious George.  Phi Tau had one of the most outspoken performances, knocking Gambill for his mass emails and President Crouch for his expensive taste in shoes— among other things—in their own version of Jeopardy. The Pikes gave a tour of GC, ending with an impromptu performance by Wes Smith, who sang “Cowboys and Angels” after the Thursday night crowd persistently shouted his name. Phi Mu parodied popular tunes like “Glad you Came” and “Everybody Talks” to words about the college. Sigma Kappa had a Suessical theme with almost their whole performance in rhyme, PHA had numerous references to keys (how ironic) and the independent men and women had a banana (played by Max Tsang) steal the show. The Alpha Gams cleverly incorporated the traditional hypnotist, Knight had an elephant as their star and Anderson consisted of a rap-off, a scandalous man in a kiddie pool and an epic ballad by Bill Ngha.

Saturday was the football game, with sophomore Stella Hundley singing the national anthem. During halftime the homecoming court was presented and crowned. The Homecoming King and Queen are seniors Evan Harrell of Middlesboro and Lindsey Kathryn Atkinson of Nashville, junior Prince and Princess are Dennis Propp of Crestwood, Ky, and Emily Craft of Ashland, sophomore Prince and Princess was awarded to Zach White of Louisville and Megan Norris of Albany, Ky, and Eric Balmer of Mason, OH, and Madison Evans of Louisville, the freshmen Prince and Princess.

Our GC Tigers were victorious, and Homecoming ended in celebration with formal parties at various places throughout Georgetown and Lexington.