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Georgetown College mens’ soccer team continues losing streak

Staff Writer
Disappointed has to be the word to describe the way players of the men’s soccer team felt after losing their rst game of the GC classic last Friday night. Though the sounds of Scott County’s football game indicated the dominance of their home team, our men’s crew could not rally to win. Georgetown lost 3-1 to Huntington University on the Tiger’s home turf. The visiting team scored two goals on Georgetown in the rst half and kept the lead all the way through the nal whistle. Fans of the home team (mostly students) were determined to keep Tiger Pride alive and were vocal throughout the game, wearing crazy wigs, chanting, starting slow claps, all which were attempts to keep the energy up. The Tigers weren’t able to come up with a score in the rst half but a goal by Ryan Whatley in the second half avoided a shutout. The members kept their heads up and lost only 2—1 to Ohio Christian on Sunday. According to georgetowncollegeathletics.com, Coach Derek Willis said after the game, “We are young and have a lot of kinks to work out but we are not giving up, which is what I really like.” Georgetown hopes to get its rst win on the road against Mount Vernon Nazarene Sept. 11.