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Freshmen transition to Tiger life

Staff Writer
The transition from living at home during high school to being on your own at college can be a tough one.  However, with its small campus and welcoming community of staff and students, Georgetown College makes this transition a bit smoother than most. Freshman Tanner Brondhaver from Cincinnati, Ohio, says that he is adjusting well to college life so far. He enjoys the small classes and liked that the application process was free! Tanner is here as a kinesiology major with hopes of going on to medical school. He really appreciates the one-on-one help that Georgetown professors offer students and has denitely not gotten homesick yet. In an interview with Tanner, I asked him questions about dorm life, classes, the Caf and his overall college experience thus far:

Q: How is it living in Anderson Hall?
A: It’s awesome in Anderson!
I have a walk–in closet! I
mean, the water fountains are
ripped out, but it’s not bad.
Q: How are classes so far?
A: It’s a lot of reading.
Foundations is kind of dif-
cult. I was in all the honors
classes in high school, but college
work is denitely different.
Q: What’s your favorite
class so far?
A: Biology, denitely.
Q: How’s the Caf been
treating you?
A: That’s a personal question.
Uh, it was pretty good for
the rst week, but then it just
seems like it’s the same thing
over and over.
Q: What has been something
that you’ve really enjoyed
so far this semester?
A: The welcome back parties!
They should have those
every day. It’s a great way to
meet people.
Tanner says that overall, the transition from high school to college has been a smooth one. However, he says that he “just needs a mom to make him do all of his homework.” Don’t we all! Another freshman, Aula
Said, is a Georgetown local. When asked how she likes- Georgetown so far she responded, “I love it! Everyone
has been so friendly, and the staff is super helpful. It beats high school by far!” Like Tanner, Aula is pre-med, but with prospects of leaving GC with a major in biology. Aula had a very interesting story about how she came to be at Georgetown College that she was happy to share:

Q: Why did you choose to
come to Georgetown?
A: I had actually always
said that I would never come
to Georgetown, but I visited
the campus and loved it. It’s
more expensive than any other
school I applied to, but totally
worth it.
Q: I’m assuming you aren’t
homesick yet.
A: No. Not homesick. I live
two minutes down the road.
Q: What do you think about
your classes so far?
A: The work load is definitely
different than high
school. I’m taking both Biology
and Chemistry this semester,
so I’m a little nervous about
Q: How have you
enjoyed that Caf?
A: I’m already getting
tired of the food. It’s pretty
much the same thing over
and over.
Aula is originally from Iraq. When she was four years old, her family moved to Budapest, Hungary. During this time her brother came to Georgetown College as a student. He later graduated with a major in chemistry
and is now the Dean of Strayer University in Texas. While attending GC as a student, Aula’s brother became
extremely homesick, so he sought help from President Crouch. President Crouch actually got a petition going and brought Aula’s entire family to Georgetown when she was about nine years old. Here, Aula’s father worked as a business professor, and strong ties developed between the Said family and Georgetown College.
Upon inquiring what brought Aula to Georgetown, she gave an incredible story that clearly illustrates
the unique qualities this college possesses. She is glad to be here and loves the environment GC provides. All in all, the freshman class of 2012-13 (the graduating class of 2016) seems to be having an overall good  experience transitioning from high school to college. What a great start to their rst semester! Tanner Brondhaver plays with cat for his orientation service project.  Freshman Aula Said is enjoying her time at Georgetown.