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College community excited to welcome Deputy Chief of Mission of Chile to the U.S., DCM Roberto Matus

Georgetown College has been honored to hold a strong partnership with the Colegio Bautista in Temuco, Chile for numerous years. Every other Spring, Georgetown students have the opportunity to travel to Temuco for a mission trip to the school to interact and worship with Chilean students and to serve as ambassadors for the college to both students and parents. The Colegio Bautista also sends around 15 students each year to Georgetown to learn more about the college and about Kentucky culture. The campus community was excited to welcome such a group of 13 students this past weekend and looks forward to learning from them,

and sharing with them Georgetown’s warm environment and hospitality over the next couple of weeks.

The Chilean students are being hosted by the Global Scholars at Georgetown and by the director of the program, Patrick Barker. Both sets of students are undoubtedly excited for the opportunity to learn from one another and to experience the culture of the other group through outings, cooking sessions and other fun activites.

In addition to welcoming the Chilean students to campus, the Georgetown community is also extremely honored to welcome the Deputy Chief of Mission of Chile to the US, DCM Roberto Matus, who is coming to campus next week. DCM Matus was invited to visit our campus by Patrick

Barker and will arrive the evening of Tuesday, Sept. 25; he will depart the next day.

In the short time Mr. Matus will be on campus, he will be filling his day with exciting opportunities to meet and address the college community. He will be the feature of a special, limited seating dinner in the Hall of Fame room, Tuesday evening from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m with the Chilean students on campus, their chaperone, the Global Scholars and some faculty members. DCM Matus will also be addressing several classes during the day on Wednesday, with possible Nexus credit attached. Matus will formally recognize the recent celebration of the Chilean Independence Day on Sept. 18.