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Athlete Interview: DJ Lemons


Staff Writer

Source: facebook.com

Junior linebacker DJ Lemons in his preseason photo.


De’rentez Lemons is a junior here at Georgetown in his second semester and he’s made a huge impact so far on the football field in the linebacker position. I got the chance to sit down and talk to him about his past, present and potential future here at Georgetown.

Q: Where are you from and what brought you here to Georgetown College?

A: Buena Vista, Ga. I originally went to a junior college in Chicago. After two years it was time to find a school and Coach Cronin visited and I fell in love (laughs). I came down for a visit with my fiancé and we really fell in love with the school and the coaches and met some of the guys.

Q: We’re four games into the season, so far. How do you feel about the team’s overall play?

A: We are a very confident team right now. The main thing is there is no selfishness between each other and we’re all passionate about the game. Hopefully we can bring a national championship to Georgetown.

Q: Is there any single thing that has made the defense so successful this year?

A: For a linebacker, I have to give a big shout out to the defensive line. They are tenacious, constantly causing havoc and we linebackers feed off of those guys. Confidence builds from there; it’s a brotherhood. It definitely starts out front though.

Q: What can the defense do better?

A: If there’s anything we can work on, we don’t need to be complacent and keep bringing it every game and every play one hundred percent. If we do that we’ll turn into a dominant team defensively.

Q: How far do you see the Tigers going this year?

A:  I’m not trying to jump ahead, but if we keep it up as a team, being confident with each other and trusting the guy beside you we can really bring it home for Georgetown.

Q: Last question: What’s the best thing about being a Georgetown Tiger?

A: The tradition we have here and the fans, the fans that really love and support every sport basically. So yeah, the fans, the community and the alumni tradition.