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A look at our student managers

Student managers are a part of the cog that is Georgetown football that rarely get any spotlight, and I’d wager that most of them are okay with that. Players first, coaches second, athletic director, personal trainers and scouts. That’s the pecking order for who we congratulate and give credit to when our football team is dominating the competition in the fashion they have so far this season. And while there’s good reason why those positions are more acknowledged than some others, there is not good reason to keep the student managers in the dark forever. I got the chance to talk to one of the student managers, Rachel Hall, who was able to fill me in on the makeup of the group and the roles they play in helping the team.

There are three junior managers, two sophomores, and two freshmen, three of them having served beforehand. The other four are considered to be in training right now. The position is a paid one, either coming from a scholarship, or work study. They help with everything from office work and organizing, to filming and helping during the game.

When I asked about offseason responsibilities Rachel Hall said “It’s probably similar to what the admissions guides do with just an emphasis on the football program.” The offseason is of course all about preparing for the fall season. The managers play their part by helping with summer camps, mailings, doing paperwork, helping set up spring practice, winter weights, banquets and award ceremonies, helping in the community and making sure all of the players are academically eligible and just being available for prospective students to ask questions. Apart from that list of duties, a big part of the offseason is fundraising. Rachel emphasized that “most people don’t realize that the team has to fundraise, and managers play a part in organizing that.” When I asked Rachel what she would most want readers to know about the management position she said, “It’s amazing working for the team. It’s like having a second family . I’m absolutely blessed and so incredibly thankful.” So while the managers may not be out on the field scoring touchdowns, making big hits or calling plays, they are an essential part of Georgetown’s football program and the success it has had on and off the field.