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Golden Dragon Acrobats come to Georgetown

Features Editor
If you aren’t a big fan of football, then there is a special alternative for you this Thursday night. At 7 p.m. in the John L. Hill Chapel, the Golden Dragon Acrobats are giving a once-in-alifetime performance–at no cost to you. Tickets are free to  Georgetown students (as long as you show your G-card). The acrobats also welcome others to attend: outside students pay $5, adults $10 and senior citizens $8. How will this 30-member troupe of acrobats perform their tricks, much less t on the stage of the Chapel? No one really knows. The information on the troupe has been limited. Dr. Burnette of the music department is the one who set it up, but he knows just as much as what is on their website, goldendragonacrobats.com. According to this site, the Golden Dragon Acrobats are with Asian Artists Productions, Inc. The site says that the group  “represents the best of a timehonored tradition that began more than twenty-ve centuries ago.” They have been traveling performers since their debut in 1985, performing in every single state in America. Brian Seibert of the New York Times wrote a review on the Golden Dragons when they did a show in New York at the Queens Theater. “Cathedrals of contortionists in backbend rise before your eyes, body by body. Human obstacles, which tumblers ip over, widen in person-size increments,” Seibert writes. “The thrill is escalation. These touring acrobats from China know how to keep topping themselves.” The Golden Dragon Acrobats present over 200 performances each year at 100 to 200 venues across the United States. Their website claims that their troupe stands out among other Chinese acrobatic companies that tour the U.S. by “emphasizing their artistic merit and cultural exchange.” Also, the company “spends more than one third of its tour in participating community and youth outreach programs.” As Seibert said in his New York Times review, these acrobats are quite literally bending over backwards to please you. Make sure you take advantage of it!