IMG 5203 233x350 Zoé Strecker

Zoé Strecker, Transylvania University
Breeder’s Envy (Makrospondylitic Thoroughbred Skeleton Mount)
Thoroughbred horse bones, wood base, steel supports, silicon-based cartilage-replacement material


Zoé Strecker is a visual artist and writer who teaches in the art department at Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky.  Her art practice involves a broad range of materials including ceramics, wood, textiles, sound, video, text, organic materials and live performance.  Sculpture and installation projects investigate ideas through experimental combinations of narrative and sensually significant material.  To keep the concepts provisional and alive, she edits and alters artworks with each exhibition.  Permanent, commissioned sculptures for public and private sites in Colorado, Tennessee, Alaska, Kentucky, and elsewhere, are made of various media, including ceramics, metal, and water; all deal with the relationship between local culture and the physical environment at the particular site.



The Thoroughbred racehorse is an extremely specialized agricultural product of this particular place, a result of uniquely rich soil and centuries of intensive selective breeding practices.

Breeder’s Envy is the stretch limousine of Thoroughbreds.  Its outrageous length makes reference to extravagance and its virile posture suggests a raw, thrilling power.  A preserved, real-bone, skeleton is familiar as tool for scientific inquiry.  A formal mount is also a kind of trophy that provides taxidermic proof of the prowess of the breeder, hunter, or specimen collector.  In this artwork, I present an extreme version of such a cultural artifact that is perverse, because it is both enviable and horrific, and humorous.