Edward Carroll Hale, Eastern Kentucky University
Bronze, Steel, Wood


I have always thoroughly enjoyed Art – especially working with three-dimensional forms. I don’t have a preference between Abstract and Representational Art.  I like to work in both modes.  In my concern for my artwork, my major enthusiasm is for whatever I’m working on at the moment.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching. Even more, I enjoy teaching Art.  I am blessed to have a career that combines Art and Teaching.

Regarding the sculpture, “Cause”:

This piece was exhibited the exhibition, Reverberations of the Civil War.

“Cause” started life as a demonstration piece for a class project centering on the human bust.  It was used again as an example demonstrating how to cast a hollow form in bronze.  Somehow, it suggested to me an image dealing with slavery.  Adding the iron collar and chain completed the image and resulted in the work before you as a commentary on the sources of our most horrible war.