Georgetown College’s Permanent Collection features over 500 pieces of accessioned works including ancient artifacts, paintings from Rococo masters such as Sir Joshua Reynolds, and prints deriving from the likes of Salvador Dalí. Additionally, the collection houses works by regional artists, former students of Georgetown College, and more well-known artists such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Kathe Kollwitz, Anthony Van Dyck, Thornton Willis, and Frederic Thursz. Donated by an assortment of generous collectors and purchased by the department, the works available in the Permanent Collection are utilized by classes such as Curatorial Studies and the overall Art History department. The Permanent Collection enriches not only the classroom but also internships and is accessible for general academic research and study.

In the Jacobs Gallery, selected works of art from the Permanent Collection are displayed on a designated wall. Currently on display, the Permanent Collection’s Selections wall features work by current artist, Jerry Freeman, a photographer based in Lexington, KY and member of the renowned Lexington Camera Club. This work was printed in 2015 specifically for Georgetown College, and is the only one, other than an artist proof, to be made of this image.