(in order of installation)


by Michael (Mickey) Maxson, Lexington, KY
Installed in the 1980s (specific date unknown)

Painted Steel

  • Located in the west yard of Asher Science Center.


by Brent Sams, Georgetown, KY
Stainless Steel

  • Created by Georgetown College alum
  • Located in front of the Wilson Art Building


by Dennis Whitcopf, Atlanta, GA.
Indiana Limestone and Cor-ten Steel 15x 4x 2’

  • Commissioned by Georgetown College in 2002, it was intended to be the first in a series of public sculptures known as the Walk of Faiths; however, this was the only work ever installed.
  • This piece is a stylized Hebrew symbol.
  • The shape is based off of the first two letters in “L’Chaim” the Jewish blessing meaning “to life.”

In Memory of the Lives Lost on September 11, 2001

September 11, 2002
Flowering Dogwood tree surrounded by mulch, small boulders.

  • Given by AGS
  • The text for this work reads “In Memory of the Lives Lost on September 11, 2001 Given by AGS, September 11, 2002”

Mr. Georgetown Tiger


  • Kim Summers was a cherished friend of the Grrr… Tiger Bands, Tiger Athletics and the entire Campus community.
  • Given by friends of Richard “Kim” Summers in his honor

Stephen D. Elrod Memorial

by Amanda B. Matthews
Bronze on limestone plinth

  • The bronze sculpture embodies an angelic form expressing forward and upward movement and quiet introspection.
  • Designed by Amanda B. Matthews and fabricated at Prometheus Foundry in the spring 2010, the sculpture is bronze with stainless steel armature situated on a rough-cut limestone base.
  • Inside the wings are fingerprints of family members Judy and Jon Elrod and Celtic crosses that bear the initials SDE in remembrance of Stephen.
  • The sculpture is intended as a synthesis of thoughts, comments, emotions, and loving epitaphs from family and friends of Stephen; Biblical accounts of the early Christian martyr; and historical meaning of the name Stephen.
  • Surrounding the sculpture are landscaping features that are intended to transform the space from a pass-through area into a gathering place.
  • Plantings include: Crimson Pygmy Barberry, Nandina bushes, Snow Fountain Weeping Cherry, Knockout Roses, and Liriope.
  • The garden was created by Rick, Judy, and Jon Elrod in April 2010. The sculpture was installed in May 2010 dedicated on Friday, May 14 of that year.