Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs shared love for art that inspired them to seek out great works of art in order to assemble a prestigious collection. The quality of their collection and their commitment to sharing it in order to add to the lives of students, artists, friends, and their community is truly noteworthy. Their involvement in the arts began early with Mrs. Jacobs’ role as a docent at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Since, they were both been involved with many arts organizations and have made great contributions to the appreciation of the arts.

After hard work and much joy found in Dr. Jacobs’ surgery practice in Cincinnati and in raising five sons, Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs moved to Georgetown in 1987. They became active and beloved members of this community. Georgetown College and its students have been fortunate to have Dr. and Mrs. Jacobs as members of our campus family. They supported our students by attending exhibition openings, inviting classes to their house to learn from their collection and by purchasing works of art by students. The Dr. Donald L. and Dorothy Jacobs Gallery opened at Georgetown College in October 2002. Since that time, the gallery, which is home to one of the best twentieth-century art collections in the state, has become a vital element of the college.