Michael Graves (American, born 1934)
Edition of 150, 89/150
25 ½ x 16 ½ inches

Michael Graves received his architectural training at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio and earned an M.A. at Harvard University. After receiving a fellowship at the American Academy in Rome he founded his own practice in Princeton, New Jersey, and began teaching at Princeton University in 1972. Among the most important buildings he has designed are the Public Services Building in Portland, Oregon, the San Juan Capistrano Regional Library in California, the Humana Building in Louisville, the addition to the Whitney Museum in New York City, and the Dolphin and swan Hotels for the Walt Disney Work Resort in Florida. Michael Graves, one of the most celebrated designers and architects of our time, designs not only the interiors of his architectural projects, but also a wide variety of artifacts, from furniture and lighting fixtures to jewelry, costumes and kitchenware. Inspired by classical ideas, which he combines with contemporary whimsy and sophistication, Graves creates unique work that is fresh and elegant yet playful, accessible and pleasing.

This woodcut features a geometric, heavily stylized interior using a color palette of teal, rust, light pink, and light brown. On the left side of the frame is one end of a teal couch against a wallpapered wall holding two framed pieces. On the right side of the work is a table with an open illustrated book, against an open window with a city scene. An inverted pyramidal glass lighting fixture hangs above the table. The work is signed in the bottom center.