The Triangle (The Seven Spirits of God: Power)

Arturo Alonzo Sandoval (American, born 1942)
The Triangle (The Seven Spirits of God: Power), 2002
Mixed media weaving
35 x 40 ½ inches

Artist Arturo Sandoval is considered a fiber artist who explores the use of twentieth century industrial materials in his work. The use of exotic materials such as Mylars, Lurex, Diffraction Grating and other high tech products allows Sandoval to add dimension to his creations. His research for design and content has included pattern in various forms, spatial depth through shape, color and line, monumental scale achieved through modular formats. This has allowed him to produce pieces that reflect his choice of personal visual concerns where growth is enhanced by variation and change. He is a professor at the University of Kentucky and has exhibited his work regularly since 1963. He has received many awards and commissions, and his work is displayed in many galleries and museums throughout America.