The Clash

Georgetown College, Class of 2002

The Clash, 2001
Oil on canvas
62 x 62 inches

Inspired by the minimalism of Frank Stella and the modernism line of sculpture David Smith, Georgetown student and American artist Russ Bellamy works on large canvases and metal to create intriguing compositions of basic shapes and symbols that represent a labyrinth that may have several paths that lead to the end. ” The work started as an experiment using a welder to burn line and/or images through metal. The process went through many trials before I found the best ways to realize my ideas.” Titillating movement and connection of objects is accomplished by the use of the arrow, sporadic lines, and repetitive angles. The circle, representing life, is a predominate theme throughout Bellamy’s work. Another recurring element to the work is the use of heat and fire represented by a scarred line creating abstraction and giving balance to the composition. Bellamy’s ability to use variations of lines intermittently woven together invites the viewer on a Journey of the discovery of life and/or commitment.