Surrounded Islands (Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida) from Venetian Causeway to Broad Causeway


Surrounded Islands (Project for Biscayne Bay, Greater Miami, Florida) from Venetian Causeway to Broad Causeway, 1983
Woven polypropylene fabric, booms, anchors and other media
Above: 11  x 28 inches
Below: 22  x 28 inches

Bulgarian born American artist Christo’s projects have become artistic icons of the late twentieth century. Beginning with his wrapped chairs in the 1960s, to the world’s tallest inflated sculpture, to wrapped coastal miles, to bridges, to curtains across canyons, to wrapped islands of polypropylene cloth in the greater Miami Bay, Christo has produced startling and sometimes controversial phenomenon. The logistics and planning are a major part of his work. Public officials, scientists, environmentalists, artists, townspeople, farmers, construction workers, engineers, cloth makers, and seamstresses must be coordinated and convinced that his projects are worthwhile. The artist raises the millions of dollars needed to fund the work himself from patrons. Christo’s choice of wrapped objects makes him unique from other land artists because the objects chosen include not only the natural environment but urban environments as well. His work encourages the viewer to look at things differently and has on occasion made political statements by wrapping particular buildings. Christo records every stage of each of his projects and is the author of over twelve books and monographs of his work.