Riverview in Pink Oil

WOLF KAHN (1927-)

Riverview in Pink Oil, 1992
Oil on canvas
27 x 29 inches

One of the most highly regarded colorists working in America, German born American artist Wolf Kahn is a prolific painter who uses simplified geometric designs and contrasting, carefully balanced colors to produce his representational work. In the 1950s, he combined the freedom and spontaneity of the abstract expressionists to document the world around him where subject matter was recognizable. In his fifty years of painting, he has produced literally hundreds of paintings. Kahn first gained notoriety while studying under the brilliant teacher Hans Hoffman. His ability to take blocks of color and produce from the pure forms shapes of sky, sea, and land led critics to hail him a member of the second-generation New York School and one of the best landscape artists in America., In the 1960s, Kahn began to use unlikely colors such as neon orange and magenta which led critics to reevaluate his work. His “candy confections,” expressive landscapes of glorious color combinations, remain popular with the public and he remains true to his style. His obsession with barns started in 1966, and remained a favorite subject through the 70s and 80s. Kahn received Fulbright and Guggenheim Fellowships, and an award in Art from the American Academy and Institute for Arts and Letters. He lectures and conducts annual workshops at the National Academy of Design’s School of Fine Arts in New York and is the author of books on the use of pastels and the creative process. He maintains “Art is playing, dancing spontaneity…and once you free the unconscious, the expression of landscape is always inside you.”