Red Swimmer


Red Swimmer, 2002
Acrylic on linen
61 ½ x 42 inches

American artist Anne Leone uses loose and gestural brushwork capturing light and color to produce her compelling and exciting abstract work. Her latest series uses the imagery of water to explore a more symbolic study of contemporary freedoms and issues: the individualism of modernism and interdependence of humans and their environment. The work deals with the tendency of isolationism and the reaction and struggle of individuals to survive in their surroundings. The figures are presented to a viewer from a particular distance, as if the viewer is merely a witness, and from an odd and unsettling position, below the surface of the water. Leone applies the paint in multiple layers of luminous color giving the impression of parallel strokes resembling fused layers of ice. The scene projected causes the viewer to be caught between his/her role as bystander and deliverer to the figure in its struggle. Leone has received recognition and many grants during her career. She and her husband, artist Daniel Ludwig, show their work in many galleries nationally and internationally. They live and teach art in New England.