Provence, France, 1992
Watercolor on paper
51 x 39 inches

German born, American artist Evelyne Boren is internationally known for her beautiful Impressionistic watercolors and oils. She is a native European, and the majority of her paintings have been created in various European countries and, later, in Mexico. Twenty-five hundred of her originals can be found in collections around the world. Boren likes to work on location and then finalize the rendering in her studio. She travels extensively and allows herself time on location to “become intoxicated by the scene.” Visualization is followed by action. Painting rapidly, she brings out the prismatic reflection that lies just below the surface of the land, sky, and water she paints. The energy that drives Evelyne Boren is controlled spontaneity. Her work evokes certain nostalgia, of returning to a perfect place or experience that perhaps never was. Her work reflects her signature, “Joie de vivre.”